The Second Great War, Volume 1

XIX Proclamation to the Polish nation by Dr. Moscicki President of the Polish republic, September 181939.(85) XX Mr. Chamberlain informs the House of Russias advance September 201939.(85) XXI The Polish Ambassadors protest against Russias action September 301939.(85) XXII Speech in the Commons by Mr. Winston Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty on fighting the U-boats September 261939.(94) .XXIII Broadcast by Mr. Churchill on the first month of war October 11939.(95) XXIV American neutrality :Broadcast by Presi­dent Roosevelt to the people of the United States September 31939.(112) XXV President Roosevelts appeal to Congress to lift the Arms Embargo September 21,1939.(112) XXVI Statement in the Commons by Mr. Hore- Belisha Secretary of State for War October 111939.(131) XXVII Hitlers ‘Peace Proposals after Warsaw, October 61939.(151) XXVffl M. Daladiers reply to peace proposals, October 101939.(152) XXIX Mr. Chamberlains reply to peace proposals, October 121939.(152) XXX Germano-Soviet Treaty of Amity Septem­ber 281939.(175) XXXI Great Britains reply: speech by Mr. Chamberlain in the House of Commons, October 31939.(175) XXXII Soviet-Estonian Treaty of Mutual Assist­ance September 281939.(176) XXXIII Soviet-Latvian Treaty of Mutual Assist­ance October 51939.(176) XXXIV Soviet-Lithuanian Treaty of Mutual Assist­ance October 101939.(176) XXXV ‘Australia is at War :The Prime Minister of Australia Mr. G.R. Menzies Septem­ber 31939.(190) XXXVI Proclamation of state of war with Ger­many by New Zealand September 31939.(190) XXXvn ‘Nothing could be more fatal to South Africa than to dissociate itself from the Commonwealth :General Smuts Sept­ember 41939.(190) XXXVIII ‘The House stands for the defence of freedom :General Smuts September 6,1939.(190) XXXIX Governor-General of Canadas speech to the Canadian Parliament September 7,1939.(190) XL The Canadian Minister of Justice M. Lapointe to the Canadian House of Commons September 91939.(190) XLI Proclamation of a state of war between Canada and Germany September 10,1939.(190) XLH Broadcast by the Viceroy of India Septem­ber 31939.(191) XLHI Message to India from the King Emperor, September 111939.(191) XLIV ‘India will speak and act as one :The Viceroy September 111939.(191) XLV ‘Indias fate will be decided on the battle­fields of Europe :Sir Jagdish Prasad, September 121939.(191) XLVI ‘Support from all classes in India :The Secretary of State for India September 26,1939.(191) XLVII ‘No Rajput is ever too old to fight :the Maharaja of Bikanir October 221939.(191) XLVIII ‘The Princes and the States of India have without exception rallied round the Im­perial Throne :The Maharaja of Bikanir, October 241939.(191) XLIX Review of the air war by Sir Kingsley Wood, Secretary of State for Air October 10,1939.(218) L Mr. Chamberlain on measures against the U-boats October 31939.(232) LI Message from H.M. The toKing the Commander-in-Chief Home Fleet October 81939.(232) LII Speech by Mr. Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty in the Commons on U-boat warfare October 171939.(232) LIII Mr. Chamberlain in the Commons on the German submarine campaign October 26,1939.(232) LIV Sir Nevile Hendersons account of his last weeks in Germany issued October 171939.(247) LV Sir Samuel Hoare Lord Privy Seal on the Home Front September 221939.(255) LVI Mr. Chamberlain on the Home Front, September 261939.(255) LVII Belgian-Dutch Appeal for Peace Novem­ber 71939.(283) LVIII King George V is reply November 12,1939.(283) LIX President Lebruns reply November 12,1939.(283) LX The ‘Cash and Carry Act November 3,1939.(295) LXI Mr. Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty, on the strength of the French Navy Nov­ember 81939.(351) LXII M. Paul Reynaud French Finance Minister, on the French peoples acceptance of sacrifices November 141939.(351) LXIII Mr. Anthony Eden Secretary for Dominion Affairs on the Maginot Line November 19,1939.(351) LXIV M. Daladier Prime Minister of France on Frances preparations November 301939.(351) LXV M. Paul Reynaud French Finance Min­ister on Frances ability to conquer, December 131939.(351) LXVI Field-Marshal Goering on Germanys pre­paredness September 111939.(373) LXVII Herr Hess to the mothers of Germany, October 11939.(373) LXVIII Herr Hitler on the destiny of the German people October 101939.(373) LXIX Herr Hitler on Englands hatred of Ger­many November 81939.(373) LXX Mr. Churchill First Lord of the Admiralty, reviews the first three months of naval war, December 61939.(385) DIARY OF THE WAR 1939 September (164) October (246) November (372)
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