The Second Great War, Volume 1

LIST OF CHAPTERS (Contd.) 25. page 256 THE HOME FRONT SECOND PHASE: CO-ORDINATION AND READJUSTMENT 26. page 269 THE MERCHANT NAVY: BRITAINS FOURTH LINE OF DEFENCE 27. page 284 THE NEUTRAL COUNTRIES: GROWING MENACE OF NAZI AGGRESSION 28. page 296 AMERICA LIFTS THE ARMS EMBARGO AND OPENS HER ARSENAL TO THE ALLIES 29. page 307 BRITAINS EXPEDITIONARY FORCE STANDS TO ARMS ON THE WEST 30. page 316 ECONOMIC WARFARE: A REVIEW OF THE FIRST TWO MONTHS OF WAR 31. page 331 MEN WHO LED THE FIGHTING FORCES IN THE FIRST MONTHS OF WAR 32. page 343 CZECHOSLOVAKIA UNDER THE NAZI HEEL: A PURGATORY OF OPPRESSION 33. page 352 FRANCES WAR EFFORT: BUILDING UP THE THREE SERVICES 34. page 364 BRITAINS INDUSTRIES TURN FROM PEACE TO WAR: ORGANIZATION OF WAR SUPPLIES 35. page 374 INSIDE GERMANY DURING THE FIRST FOUR MONTHS: WHAT NEUTRAL OBSERVERS SAW 36. page 387 THE SEA AFFAIR :INTENSIFIED ENEMY ACTION BY MINE RAIDER AND SUBMARINE HISTORIC DOCUMENTS (The number of the page on which each document occurs is given in brackets) I Extracts from the dispatches between H.M. Government and the German Govern­ment from August 22 to August 31,1939.(16) II Speech warning Germany by the British Prime Minister Mr. Neville Chamberlain, in the Commons September 11939.(27) III ‘Britain is at War with Germany :Broad­cast by Mr. Neville Chamberlain Septem­ber 31939.(28) IV Terms of the British Ultimatum handed to the German Foreign Secretary September 31939.(28) V Message to the Polish nation from Mr. Chamberlain September 71939.(46) VI The Polish Ambassador Count Raczynski, to the British people on Polands sufferings, September 91939.(46) VII Hitlers reply to the British Ultimatum, September 31939.(53) VIII Broadcast by Hitler to the people of Germany September 31939.(53) IX Message broadcast by H.M. King George VI September 31939.(54) X Broadcast to the German people by Mr. Chamberlain September 31939.(54) XI Broadcast by M. Daladier Prime Minister of France to the French Nation September 31939.(54) XII Message fromM. Lebrun President of France to the Senate Sept. 31939.(54) XIII Broadcast by Mr. Anthony Eden, Dominions Secretary on British aims Sept­ember 111939.(67) XIV Field-Marshal Goering to the German workers September 91939 and the Ministry of Informations answer Septem­ber 111939.(67) XV ‘Hitlerism—il faut en finir :Mr. Cham­berlain in the Commons September 13,1939.(67) XVI Four leaflets distributed over Germany by the R.A.F. (68) XVII ‘Soviet troops crossed the frontier of Poland :statement by the Polish Em­bassy in London September 171939.(85) XVIII Protest by the Polish Government against Russias action September 1939.(85) 18
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