The Great War Part 253, June 21st 1919

A WEEKLY REVIEW SUPPLEMENT TO “THE GREAT WAR PART 253. R.A.M.C. Memorial A memo rial to the officers and men of all bran c hes of the Royal Army Medical Corps who have fallen in the war is to be ins titu ted .These gallant members number 5(50 officers and 4,001 of other ranks. A committee to deal with the matter has been formed rep re sen ting the Regular Army Terr i­to rial F o rc eSpecial Reserve and temporarily commissioned officers of the Corps w itn repre­sentatives of the warrant officers non-com­ m issioned officers an drank and file. The Duke of Conn a ugh C t olonel-in-C hief has con sen toted be honorary chairman of the committee. The committee has recommended :(1) That a permanent memorial be erected in London with if possible replicas in Dublin and Edinburgh (2) that a fund be formed from which grants in aid be given to the families of officers, non-commissioned officers and men who have fallen< r been disabled in the war or who maybe in necessitous circumstances owing to military service (3) that scholarships or memorial prizes for officers and men be formed for research work. Reward for War Prisoners “Provided that no blame is attached to the individual iu respect of his original capture ”.say san Army Order “the following services are eligible for appropriate reward :“Exceptional services rend e red by officers and soldiers whilst prisoners of war o r interned .“Exception ally gallant con duct and for de­termination displayed by officers and soldiers in escaping or a tte m p toting escape from cap­tivity .“The statements of a t least two witnesses having first-hand knowledge of the c irc u m ­stances of the case one o f whom must bean officer must be given and the applications should be made not later than August 31st 1919, on the prescribed form .Lord Milne r lias informed the Canad ian Privy Council that "whilst the food posi­tion in India is undoubtedly grave i hast no resemblance to the descriptions given in an appeal issued by a Toronto committee .”PRECEPT AND PRACTICE M. Clemenceaus Stinging Reply to Hun Evasions The German delegate sat Versailles rep ­sen ted toM .Clemenceau a series of note sin which they sought to justify their part iu the war. To one of these M. Clemenceau rep lie din this stinging fashion :*You state that Germany while accepting in November 1918, the obligation to make repara­tion did not understand such an acceptance to mean that her responsibility was involved either for the war or for the acts of the former German Government. I t is only possible to conceive of such an obligation if its origin and cause is the responsibility of the author of the damage. “You add that the German people would never have undertaken a war of aggression. Yet in the Note from Mr. Lansing of .November 5th 1918. which you approve of and adduce in favour of your contention it is stated that the obligation to make reparation arises out of ‘Germ any's aggres­sion by land sea and air. As the German Govern­ment did not a t the time make any protest against this allegation it thereby recognised it as well founded. Therefore Germany recognised in 1918, implicitly but clearly both the aggression and her responsibility. “It is too late to seek to deny them to-day. It would be impossible you state further that the German people should be regarded as the accom­plices of the assaults committed by the ‘former German Government. However Germany has never claimed and such a declaration would have been contrary to all principles of international law that a modification of its political regime or a change in the governing personalities would be sufficient to extinguish an obligation already undertaken by any nation. “She did n o tact upon the principle she now contends for either in 1871 as regards France after the proclamation of the Republic nor in 1917 in regard to Russia after the revolution which abolished the Tsarist regime. “Finally you ask that the report ot the Com­mission on Responsibility maybe communicated to you. In reply we beg to say that the Allied and Associated Powers consider the reports of the Commissions setup by the Peace Conference as documents of an internal character which cannot be transmitted to you.” Bulgaria s Terrible Atrocities The official report of the In r-Ate llie d Com­mission composed of delegates of the B ritis h,F re n c hand Serbian Governments on the violations of international law committed by the Bulgarian sin Serbia in 1915-18 was recently issued (Paris: Im prim erie“ Y ougo- sla via ”14 Rue duB o u rg -T ibo u rg ).The report has been drawn u p for the Peace Con­ference to which i t is to be rep sen ted .It contain san appalling c a ta log u e of a tr o ­cities committed by the Bulgarians .Wholesale massacres of Serbians took place in Toplitza district alone 20444 persons were mur­dered. The Commission adds that “no murder has been committed which was not preceded by torture. Men were hung by their feet over a brazier heavyweights were p u ton their feet their flesh was torn outwith pincers and nails were driven into the flesh under the finger-nails.” A woman was skinned alive and then hanged. A man was thrown into a cauldron of boiling water tand “'while he was coo king ”he was pierced with bayonets. Cheap Hun Lenses The German optical firms which before the war had a lead in the European market com­plain that their own Government is u n d er­ selling the min Scan din avian co u n trie s.It seems that the Berlin Military part­eD men tin scrapping Army mate rial has found large stocks of various optic a lin stru men tIts. h assent agents to northern c o u n tries, who offer these instruments a t prices that the firms say will for sometime to come ruin their trade ab ro ad.An agreement is being prepared between Brazil the United State sand the A erg n tine by which all commercial question swill be settled by arbitration .Historic Cartoons o f the Great War GHOSTS A T VERSAILLES. (Reproduced from “Punch ”May 7 th 1910 by permisnion of the Proprietors.) P r in ted and published e^ery Mon day by the Prop rie tors The A m a lg a mated Press Ltd .The Flee tw a y House Far ring donS t .Lon donE .C .4. Advertisement O flic Thees: Flee tw a y House F a rrin dong St. Lon donE .C .4. 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