The Great War Part 242, April 5th 1919

NEARING COMPLETION THE GREAT WAR 'V. W I L SON Volume 12 fA L G A MATED NEW Binding Offer For readers who have not yet bought binding cases owing to the difficulty of having the binding done locally. SEND THE PARTS TO US Those whet live in large centres should Tiave no difficulty in getting their parts of “The Great War ”bound up in the publishers cases but as our correspondence shows there are many living in more remote parts of the country who have hitherto hesitated to buy these cases owing to the inability of the local newsagent or bookseller to arrange for the actual work of binding. It would abe thousand pities if anyone were unable to give the necessary completeness to a standard work like “The Great War ”now nearing completion, owing to such circumstances as these so the publishers have decided to undertake, if required the work of binding up the parts in addition to supplying the cases— all at an inclusive charge. WHAT YOU H A VETO DO If you are one of those to whom this offer appeals all that you have to do is to —Send your parts which are to be bound well packed post or rail paid to “‘The Great War Binding Department 7/9 Pilgrim Street Ludgate Hill London E.G. ” 4 with the name and address o f the sender and instructions as to the style of binding required enclosed. —Send the postal order or cheque for the amount required not in the parcel but separately to “‘The Great War Binding Depart­ment 7/9 Pilgrim Street Ludgate Hill London E.C. 4.” Postal Orders or Cheques must be made payable to the “Amalgamated ”Press Ltd. and crossed “Bank of England Law Courts Branch.” As we anticipate avery large number of our readers will take advantage of this offer we have been able to make avery advantageous contract with our binders, which enables us to offer to supply cases and bind in the parts on the following very reasonable terms :LIBRARY Case (as illustrated) sprinkled edges headbands marble end-papers ---9/6 (Burnished top 3d. extra per volume) FULL CLOTH Case plain edges white end-papers 6 -At the earliest possible moment the bound volumes will be returned well packed, carriage paid. __________________ MISSING PARTS Vols. 1 to 5 comprise 16 parts each Vols 6 to 9 comprise 20 parts each Vols. 10 and 11 comprise 26 parts each Vol. 12 comprises 30 parts if there are any missing please enclose with your remittance cash for each missing part stating at the same time the number of the part or parts required to complete the set.
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