The Great War Part 242, April 5th 1919

The dosing Volume o f THE GREw i l le© satato MYSTERIES OF THE NAVAL WAR REVEALED By H. W. Wilson with numerous original charts of the Battle of Jutland. THE MARCH OF THE CONQUERING ARMIES TO THE RHINE By Edward Wright A brilliant descriptive chapter of the Final Military Triumph. RUSSIA UNDER THE RED TERROR Described by the Petrograd Correspondent of a famous Journal who was himself imprisoned for several weeks by the Bolshevists. CENTRAL EUROPE IN REVOLUTION Avery full and thoroughly “documented ”account of the strange ferment into which the collapse of hostilities plunged all the enemy States whose insane war policy was originally responsible for the war. THE PEACE CONFERENCE :ITS WORK AND DECISIONS By G. Valentine Williams The Special Correspondent of the “Daily Mail ”at the Peace Conference. Avery exhaustive description and historical review of the Greatest Conclave in the History of the World by one who is following its work on the spot. THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS By Hamilton Fyfe The whole story of the movement and its progress related by a correspondent who both in the United States and in France had special opportunities for acquiring information on this subject from the highest authorities. WOMENS WORK IN THE WAR Avery full review of all branches of w omens activities written by a group of eminent women workers including the Marchioness of Londonderry the Marchioness of Titchfield mALady pthill and the Hon. Mrs. Alfred Lyttelton. BELGIUM FIVE YEARS AFTER INVASION By Emile Cammaerts In which the famous Belgian author will give a graphic picture of his native land as it was regained by King Albert and the immortal little Belgian Army. BRITAINS AERIAL TRIUMPHS Mr. H. W .Wilson will describe the success of our methods of defence and Mr. Edward Wright will present a full and picturesque account of our triumphs in the offensive. Historic maps o f the bombed areas o f Britain including a detailed chart o f London air raids and charts o f the raids on Paris and Dunkirk will also be given with these chapters. THE TRAGEDY OF RUMANIA REVEALED By Hamilton Fyfe A highly important contribution to the History of the War which has been suppressed until now by the military authorities. HOW GREAT BRITAIN SAVED CIVILISATION By H. W. Wilson In which an attempt is made to present all the vital issues of Civilisation that were threatened by the war and to show how above every other factor that entered into the world-conflict the energy devotion and self-sacrifice of the British People most availed in saving the world from the Hun. Am on? the other chapters of this the concluding and most valuable volume of “The Great War ”will be:“The Rebuilding of Ravaged Belgium and ”Fran ce “Americas Contribution to Victory ”(by Hamilton Fyfe) “The Collapse of Turkey ”“Wireless in ”the War “France Within During the Last ”Two Years “Marvels of Preventive Medicine in the Field,” “Propaganda in the War ”(by Hamilton Fyfe) “South America and the War ”(by F.A. Kirkpatrick) “Dem obilisation— (i) Naval and Military ”(2) Industrial “The New Europe ”(by H. W. Wilson) “Records of the Regiments ”(by A.W .Holland) “Final V.C. Awards,” “Strategic Review of the War ”(by an eminent military historian) “The O rganisers ”of Victory etc. etc. The whole superbly illustrated with historic photographs drawings, charts maps photogravures and coloured plates forming the most sumptuous work of history in the English Language. Complete Index GIVEN FREE to Every Subscriber.
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