Profile Publications No. 94 The Focke-Wulf Fw190DTa 152

The Fw 190V-32/ U 1, a modification o f the old V-32, was a forerunner o f the Fw I90C. The machine was unarmed, and power was provided by a DB 603 G engine. (Photo: H. J. Nowarra) Fw 190V-13 (W .N r.0036) coded +KS J S ,was the first prototype o f the proposed Fw 190C series the engine was a 1,750-h.p. DB 603 A. (Photo: H. J. Nowarra) 151/20 and two MG 131 machine guns. The third prototype, the Fw 190 V 54 (W.Nr. 174024) was completed in July 1944 but both this and the V 53 were destroyed in a bombing raid. The Fw 190 D-9 entered production in August 1944, and the Focke Wulf factories at Bremen, Johannisthal/Berlin and Sorau/Silesia and was sub-contracted by Agos at Oscherleben, Arados at Brandenburg Wand arnemunde and Fieselers at Kassel. The initial production batch (W .N r.210001 onwards) had a Hat topped canopy, later machines sporting a bulged“ G alland'’ hood. (Not to be confused with the clear- view“ G alland” canopy employed by late Bf 109G and K variants.) W .N r.210009 was delivered to Junkers for engine trials. Several other variants of the Fw 190 D-9 were projected including the D-9/R 1 1 bad weather fighter with PKS 12 directional controls, FuG 16 Za, FuG 25 a and FuG 125 radio equipment. The Fw 190 D-10 was similar to the D-9 but the two 13 mm. machine guns mounted above the engine cowling were replaced by a single 30 mm. MK 108 cannon firing through the spinner. The next production model was the Fw 190 D -ll ground attack machine of which seven prototypes were completed. The first of these, the Fw 190 V 55 (W.Nr. 170923) was powered by a Jumo 213 F-l engine with three-stage turbo-supercharger and MW-50 injection. This machine had the standard armament of two 20 mm. MG 151/20 and two 13 mm. MG 131 guns, but the second D -ll series aircraft (the Fw 190 V 56—W.Nr. 170924) and all subsequent prototypes except the V 60 had the fuselage-mounted MG 131s replaced by two outboard wing-mounted 30 mm. MK 108 cannon. The Fw 190 V 57 (W .Nr. 170926) was re-built from an A-8 and the V 58 (W.Nr. 170933) and V 59 (W.Nr.350156) were both similar. The Fw 190 V 60 (W.Nr.350157) was again similar but had no armament, and the V 61 (W .Nr. 350158) was delivered to Junkers Motcrnwerke for engine trials. Several conversion packs were provided for the Fw 190 D -ll including the D-11/R5 with TSA 2D bomb-aiming device and eight 110-lb. bombs, the /R 1 1 with FuG 125 D /F radio, the /R21 similar to the R ll without MW-50 injection and the /R25 with additional fuel capacity. The next production model was the Fw D-12 which dificred in having a 30 mm. MK 108 cannon firing through the spinner and increased armour protection around the engine. The prototypes for the D-12 were the Fw 190 V 63 (W .Nr. 350165), V 64 (W.Nr.350166) and V 65 (W .Nr. 350167)—all re-built A-8s. The Fw 190 D-12/R5, D-12/R11, D-12/R20, D-12/R21 and D-12/R25 were similar to the D-l 1/R series. The Fw 190 D-13 had a Jumo 213 EB engine and the engine-mounted 30 mm. MK 108 cannon replaced by a 20 mm. MG 151/20. Two prototypes were converted from Fw 190 A-8s, designated the Fw 190 V 62 (W.Nr.732053) and V 71 Second prototype for the operational D-9 and D-10 series was the Fw I90V-53 ( W .Nr. /70003). Note the distinctive engine cowling and propeller unit, with paddle-bladed airscrew. (Photo: H. J. Nowarra)
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