Profile Publications No. 94 The Focke-Wulf Fw190DTa 152

Photographic proof that theTa I5 2 wasH issued to front-line units. This line-up o f aircraft shows application o f fuselage hands in red and yellow (second aircraft from right) and code numbers (fourth aircraft, red “2 ").The machines almost certainly operated with the Staff Flight o f JG 301. (Photo: Dolling via Seeley) Final projected variants of theTa 152 included the long-range R scries with provision for extra fuel and theTa 152 S-l tandem two-seat conversion trainer similar in many respects to the Fw 190 A-8/U1. Other projects included the use of the 2,200-h.p. Jumo 222 A/B or 3,000-h.p. Jumo 222 E/F engine. TheTa 152 C was also to be modified to tow a Gotha P.57 glider bomb. This was a simple glider type vehicle spanning 15 ft. 6 in. which was to be towed above and behind this aircraft. After the war, several“ long-nose” Focke Wulfs were captured and tested in the United States by the Foreign Evaluation unit at Freeman Field. These included a Ta 15211-0 (FE-112) and two Fw 190 D-9s (FE-118 and FE 121). The former was originally Two views o f the best-known operational Fw 190D variously identified in the past, this machine is almost certainly the D-9 o f a Staff Major flying with JG 26, photographed at Rhein-Main in 1945. Note Reichsverteidigung fuselage bands. (Photos: Swisher via Seeley) A camouflaged "longnose" photographed in 1945. (Photo: Olmsted via Seeley) test flown in the British Isles together with a Ta 152 H-l (W.Nr. 150168) which was given the Air Ministry number 11. ©J.R. Smith 1966. The author would thank the officials of Gruppe 66 for the assistance given during the preparation of this Profile. Acknowledgement is made of the invaluable collaboration o f Ian Primmer, Esq., without whose aid the article could not have been written. SPECIFIC A T IONS F O C K E W FLU Fw 190 D-9 Dimensions: Span 34 ft. 5$ in. Length 33 ft. 5£ in. Height I I Oft. yin. Wing Area I96'979 sq. ft. Powerplant: One Junkers jumo 213 A-l twelve-cylinder, inverted Vee, liquid-cooled in-line engine rated at 1,776 h.p. for take-off and 1,200 h.p. for continuous running. This could be increased to 2,240 h.p. with the addition of MW-50 water-methanol injection. Armament: Two 20 mm. MG 151/20 cannon with 250 r.p.g. mounted in the wing roots and two 1 3 mm. MG 131 machine guns mounted above the engine cowling with 475 r.p.g. Weights: Empty 7,694 lb. Loaded 9,480 lb. Performance: Maximum speed (with MW-50) 357 m.p.h. at sea level, 397 m.p.h. at 10,820 ft., 426 m.p.h. at 21,653 ft. and 397 m.p.h. at 32,810 ft. Climb to 6,560 ft. was 21 min. to 13,120 ft. was 4-5 min. to 19,685 ft. was 7-1 min. and to 32,810 ft. was 16-8 min. Normal range was 520 miles at 18,500 ft. F O C K E W FLU T a 152 C-3 Dimensions: Span 36 ft. I in. Length 35 ft. 5 -yin. Height 1 3 ft. 0 in. Wing area 216 sq. ft. Powerplant: One Daimler Benz DB 603 L twelve-cylinder, inverted Vee, liquid-cooled in-line engine rated at 2,100 h.p. for take-off. Armament: One 30 mm. MK 103 cannon firing through the spinner and four 20 mm. MG 151/20 cannon in the wings. Weights: Empty 9,058 lb. Loaded 11,025 lb. Maximum loaded 12,125 lb. Performance: Maximum speed 339 m.p.h. at sea level, 350 m.p.h. with MW-50, 439 m.p.h. at 37,000 ft., 463 m.p.h. with MW-50. Service ceiling 40,350 ft. F O C K E W FLU T a 152 H -l Dimensions: Span 47 ft. 6J in. Length 35 ft. 5£ in. Height 1 3 ft. 0 in. Wing area 252-95 sq. ft. Powerplant: One Junkers Jumo 213 E/B twelve-cylinder, inverted Vee, liquid-cooled in-line engine rated at 1,880 h.p. at sea level and 2,250 h.p. with MW-50 water- methanol injection. Armament: One 30 mm. MK 108 cannon firing through the spinner and two 20 mm. MG 151/20 cannon in the wing roots. Weights: Loaded 10,472 lb. Maximum loaded I 1,508 lb. Performance: Maximum speed 431 m.p.h. at 35,000 ft 465 m.p.h. at 30,000 ft. with MW-50 and 472 m.p.h. at 41,000 ft. with GM-1 and MW-50. Normal range 745 miles at 372 m.p.h. at 32,800 ft. Service ceiling 48,560 ft. PRINTED IN ENGLAND ©Profile Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 26, 1a North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, England. Printed by Hills &Lacy Ltd., London and Watford, England. U.S. 2nd Class Mailing Rates applied for.
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