The Great War Part 229, January 4th 1919

A WEEKLY REVIEW SUPPLEMENT TO “THE "GREAT WAR PART 229. HEROIC SERBIA. (Reproduced ”from “Punch October 271915 by permission of the Proprietors.) Honouring Admiral Cradock In honour of the memory of Rear-Admiral Sir Christopher Oradock who lost his life in the naval battle off Coronel the name of the Virginia town Paradise Creek has been officially changed to Cradock. Secretary o f U.S. Treasury Mr. Carter Glass has been appointed Secretary of the United States Treasury in succession to Mr. McAdoo who is retiring. He was responsible for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank system which has been such a mainstay to American finance during the war. Dr. S o lf's Successor Dr. Solf German Secretary for Foreign Affairs, is it is reported to be replaced by Dr. Rosen at present German Minister at The Hague. General von Lettow-Vorbeck General von Lettow-Vorbeck who commanded the German force in East Africa surrendered on November 14th on the Chambezi River south of Kasama Northern Rhodesia. What Germany Intended The following quotation from the ”“Cologne Gazette September 1914 gives some idea of how the arrogant Hun intended that the war should end :“There will be no such country as Great Britain in existence at the end of the war. In its place we shall have Little Britain a narrow strip of island territory peopled by loutish football kickers living on the crumbs that Germany will deign to throw to them. “Certain it is that the laughable and childish military system of Britain will shortly fall to pieces. Then the onee-mighty Empire with her naval strength represented by the few old tubs which Germany will have left her will become the laughing­stock of the nations the scarecrow at which children will point their fingers in disdainful glee.” Registered. The Crown Princes Renunciation The following is the text of the document by which the former German Crown Prince gives up his claims:“ I expressly and definitely give up all rights to the Crown of Prussia and the Imperial Crown which have devolved upon meowing to his Majesty the Emperors abdication or for other reasons. underDone my own hand.“ Wieringen Dec. 1st 1918. W ilh elm.” It is reported that Prince Adalbert of Prussia (the ex-Kaisers third son) has issued a declaration in which he says :On November 18th I telegraphed from Kiel to Herr Ebert that I placed myself a t the disposal of the present Government. Contrary to Prince Henry, I regard this Government as the authority which I consider it m y duty to support to the best of m y ability. _ _ _ _ _ War Graves Inscription Mr. Rudyard Kipling in submitting to the Imperial War Graves Commission his suggestion for an inscription to be placed on the Great War stone in the cemeteries abroad wrote that “After search and consultation with all ranks and many races in our armies and navies as well as with those who had given their sons it seemed tome that no single phrase could better that which closes the tribute to ‘famous men in Ecclesiasticus— ‘Their Name L iveth forEver more. ”This recommendation has been approved by the Commission. ______ Still Relying on Wilson For the present Wilsons vote weighs heaviest, because he has the Entente pretty much in his power. Eor us his attitude is important because he has tied himself to principles which we have accepted unconditionally and from which he cannot withdraw, whereas our other enemies not only have not bound themselves in this fashion but as time goes on are evermore clearly placing themselves in emphatic an­tagonism to the Wilson points Cohgne q azelte." British troops entered Cologne on December 6th. A Belgian cavalry division reached the Rhine on December 7th and occupied Neuss and Crefield. The Americans entered Coblenz on December 7th. Personalia of the War Allied Leaders in Triumph President Poincare b gan on December 8th the series of official visits which he is making to the chief towns -of Alsace and Lorraine with a triumphal entry into Metz. The President was accompanied bv M .Clemenceau Marshal Poch Marshal Joffre, Marshal Petain Pield-Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, General Pershing and many other officers. President W ilsons Visit On December 3rd President Wilson sailed on his momentous visit to Prance the first President of the United States to leave his country during his term of office. He landed at Brest on December 13th. General Allenby General Allenby made his formal entry into Alexandria on December 9th and was received with the greatest enthusiasm. He recently recoived a great public welcome in Cairo. Maharajah o f Bihanir Major-General his Highness the Maharajah of Bikanir A.D.C. G.C.S.I. G.C.I.E. K.C.B. who attended the meetings of the Imperial War Cabinet in 1917 is coming to England in connection with the reassembly of the Imperial War Cabinet with a view to discussions preparatory to the Peace Conference. Colonel Ian Macpherscn AM.P. recent issue of the “London Gazette ”an­nounced the granting of the honorary rank of lieutenant-colonel to the Right Hon. J. Ian Mac- pherson Under-Secretary of State for War as hon. commandant of the 6th Battalion City of London Volunteer Regiment. Historic Cartoons o f the Great War Printed and published b y tn mAe a lg a mated Press Limited The Fleetway House Farrlngdon Street London .CE .4. Published by Gordon& Gotch in Australia and New Z ealand by The Central News Agency Ltd. in South Africa by the Standard Literature Co. 13/1 Old CourtHouse Street, Calcutta and the Imperial News Co. Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Inland lOd. per copy post free. Abroad d. 9 per copy post free. Canada 9d. per copy post free. Y
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