Photos and Documents relating to Sgt. Walter Stanley Brown. 298th Field Battery R.A., 126th (H) Field Regiment R.A., B.A.O.R.

Photos and Documents relating to Sgt. Walter Stanley Brown. 298 th Field Battery R.A., 126 th (H) Field Regiment R.A., B.A.OR. Documents include -51 st Highland Division in North Africa and Sicily (booklet) -126 th (Highland) Division Field Regiment RA inAction 1942-45 –Eight Pictures of river crossing possibly the Maas Nov 1944 _Ten pictures of the Surrender of the 15 th Panzer Grenadier Division 4 th May 1945 in Lintig. -18 pictures of the Victory Parade Bremerhaven 12 th May 1945.-10 pictures of the Highland Games -Seven pictures from the Ardennes in winter 1944/45? -Two large pictures one of the 88 Divisional Guard the second of the Divisional mess.
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