The Merchant Navy Journal No 3 Vol III March 1941

IR 56 jH tee lu m t loo^t $©u\xud March, 1941 THE NAVIGATORS AND ENGINEER OFFICERS’ UNION .O(N.E .U .)Federated together with eight other British Officers' Organisations in The Officers ’(Me r chant Navy )Fed e ration .Affiliated to The Trades Union Congress. President :Trustees: Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Heaton-Ellis, Engineer Rear-Admiral Turn bull. K.B.E., C.B., M.V.O. The Rt. Hon .The Lord Head le ,Mastery Mariner. R.F .Hay ward ,Esq., .C.,M K.C .,Extra Master Mariner. General Secretary: William H. Coo m bs. Assistant General Secretary: D. S. Tenn ant. Treasurer :S.H. Jewell (formerly Purser, Merchant Navy). The Union is governed by an elected Council comprising an equal number of Navigating and Engineer Officers. Head Office: 23, LEADENHALL STREET, LONDON, E.C. 3 Telephone :Mans ion House 0454(4 lines). Telegrams: U n id e c k eng ,Fen ,Lon don .District Offices :Glasgow .—125, Govan Road. Tel.: Ibrox 1557. Liver poo l.— Wellington Buildings, The Strand. Tel. :Central 1943. Car diff .—112, Bute Street. Tel. :Cardiff 2220. Avon mouth —(Sub. Office of Cardiff) Meadow Street. F a lm o thu .—6, Melville Road. Tel. :587. South amp ton.— Havelock Chambers, Queen’s Terrace. Tel. :4989. Hull.— 2nd Floor, Victoria Chambers, Bowlalley Lane. Tel. :Central 15390. T y n e .—10, Royal Arcade, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Tel. :27807. L tie h .—8, The Shore. l.:eT 36945. SOLICITORS IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL PORTS OF THE WORLD Membership of the Union— the largest Union of Merchant Officers in the World— assures :—(1) Participation in a virile, modern policy. Official association with over 21,000 of your brother Officers (through the Officers’ Federation) throughout the British Empire. (2) Full protection of your professional interests. Legal Defence at B.O.T .Inquiries, and Insurance of your Certificate. (3) A well organised, efficient Service Department is at the disposal of members— managed by experienced Navigating and Engineer Officers, themselves holding Certificates of Competency. (4) Representation (through the Officers’ Federation) on the National Maritime Board. (5) Shipwreck Indemnity up to £15, in event of total loss of vessel. (EXCL U WARDING RISKS) ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION—<£3 The duties of Membership, are loyalty to H.M .the Master of the Merchant Navy, to your Brother Officers, and to your Union, and to resolve and ensure that your service emerges from the present war united and strongly organised and thus enables us to deal satisfactorily with its postwar problems. IF there be non-members in your ship, persuade them to join NOW (Application forms will be found in the Admiralty and Browns Nautical Almanacks, or are obtainable at any office of the Union.) When replying to Advertisements please mention the Merchant Navy Journal
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