The Merchant Navy Journal No 3 Vol III March 1941

TUB MERCHANT MAYY JOURNAL THE OFFICIAL ORGAN OF THE NAVIGATORS AND ENGINEER OFFICERS’ UNION AFFILIATED TO THE OFFICERS’ (MERCHANT NAVY) FEDERATION AND TO THE TRADES UNION CONGRESS VOL. Ill, No. 3 MARCH, 1941 The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill, C.H., M.P. m m s s s s Them Call to Duty“ I have nothing to offer you but Blood, and Sweat, and Tears. ...Come then to the task, to the battle and the toil— each to our part, each to our station. Fill the armies, rule the air, pour out the munitions, strangle the U-boats, sweep the mines, plough the land, build the ships, guard the streets, succour the wounded, uplift the downcast, and honour the brave. ...Never was so much owed by so many soto few. ...Let us, therefore, brace ourselves to our duty, and so bear ourselves that if the British Commonwealth and Empire last a thousand years men will say “This was their finest hour ”....Death and ruin have become small things compared with the shame of defeat or the failure in duty.” Price: SIXPENCE I n This Issue :EDITORIAL NOTES ?PROHIBITION OF IMPORT OF STERLING BANKNOTES INTO THE UNITED KINGDOM .NOTICE TO MASTERS ?INFLUENCE OF CLASSIFICATION ON MARINE ENGINEERING. Lecture by Dr. S.F. Dorey ?MERCHANT NAVY OFFICERS AND THE WAR. By Capt. W .H. Coombs ? HONOUR FOR MERCHANT NAVY OFFICERS SOME THRILLING STORIES ?THE W O RKM EN’S COMPENSATION (SUPPLEMENTARY ALLO WAN CES) ACT, ?1940 W ELDIN G By C.W .Brett, M.Inst.W. ?TALKING OF SHIPS AND ENGINES By Frank C .Bowen ?THE MINISTER OF SHIPPING ON HIS TOUGH JOB ?THE “WATCH KEEPERS OF WESTMINSTER ”AND MANY OTHER ITEMS OF PARTICULAR \INTEREST TO ’NAVIGATORS AND ENGINEER OFFICERS OF THE MERCHANT NAVY (GRATIS TO MEMBERS)
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