The Great War Part 186, March 9th 1918

XX* Y ?I:X? I EACH f ?%QUID PRO QUO .?FROM now onwards the prices of our ?binding cases are slightly increased, as you will see by the figures we quote below. Even as they stand we assure you you are getting one of the bargains of the binding trade. There is nothing to grumble at in the slight advances we have made, and we ask you to be loyal to us as we :have been to you and to continue to support ?us in our endeavour to give you a good :article at a rock-bottom price.? 'C'ROM time to time we receive letters :from our customers who think they can do better by having their loose parts X bound by local traders. They appeal to us :?in a state of woeful disappointment to get« X them out of their difficulties.?? V/^OU must remember that our business Xis done on standardised lines- We are sure to beat those who compete with us >%in binding our own loose parts- We have £kept the price low throughout the war- It ?is still low- The quid pro quo that we ask *:of you is that you should order early and >let us know your requirements so that it will make it easier for us to comply with ?your needs- t t ? X t THERE ARE TWO STYLES OF BINDING CASES: f .?Handsome Scarlet Half Rich Wine-Coloured :Leather Cloth Strong and Durable j ONLY 3 /"EACH only 5 6 If your newsagent has difficulty in supplying the Binding Cases you can get them post free for 3/5 and 5/11 respectively from the Publishers THE FLEETWAY :HOUSE FARRINGDON STREET LONDON E.C. 4. I ?Binding Cases for Volumes 1 to mayS still be had. **PLACE YOUR ORDER TO-DAY!??? ___________________________ Vt? t X ?:????»!??!«?!«?!?Printed and published by the amalgamated Press Limited The Fleetway House Farringdon Street London E.C. Published by Gordon& (Jotch in Australia &New Zealand by The Central News Agency Ltd. in South Africa by the Standard Literature Co. 13/1 Old CourtHouse St. Calcutta and The Imperial News Toronto&Montreal Co. in Canada. Advertisement applications should be made to the Advertisement Manager The Fleetway House Farringdon St. London .r.t.E INLAND and ABROAD 9d. per copy post free. CANADA d. 8 per copy post free. Y V
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