The Great War Part 186, March 9th 1918

THE GREAT PICTURE WAR RECORD THE WAR ILLUSTRATED ALBUM-DELUXE In Sumptuous Volumes. Eight Volumes now ready for immediate delivery. s i with order to be followed by monthly subscriptions while you are enjoying the best pictorial War record published. THE great events of the War will live in pictures- The deeds of heroism—the dangers of the everyday life of the soldier—his cheerfulness under strain and wounds and Hun frightfulness—will be preserved in the Nation’s memory by pictures more than by written articles- The volumes of "The War Illustrated Album-de-Luxe” excel every other War record published in the richness variety authenticity and impressive realism of the thousands of pictures they contain- The eight volumes now ready carry more than nine thousand pictures as well as graphic descriptions of the great episodes and stirring events of the stupendous struggle by land sea and air- Writers like H-G- Wells Sir A. Conan Doyle Max Pemberton and Sir Gilbert Parker help the photographer and the war artist to present a living panorama of the Great War that will live through the ages and be handed down from father to son-“ Wliat father did in the Great War ”in these volumes will be shown with great pride to admiring relatives and children yet to be born. The volumes are handsome and enduring—equal to the high quality of the pictures and the letterpress. They will be treasured heirlooms in every home where they "enter. The terms on which the work maybe obtained have been framed for the convenience of those who wish to acquire it without undue expenditure. For only 5s. with order the library of eight volumes is sent carriage paid to any address in the United Kingdom. When your particular fighting-man comes home you will be able if you have these volumes to delight him and show him that you have acquired the great pictorial and historical record of the memorable events in which he took an honoured part however humble. WT- Fill Up the Coupon To-day and full particulars u)ill be sent to you by post. COUPON FOR FREE BOOKLET. To the EDUCATIONAL BOOK CO. Ltd. 17 New Bridge Street London E.C. 4. Dear Sirs— leaP se send me FREE and post free your series of book lets describing “The War Illus tra ted Album -de-Luxe ”and showing the easy Subscription Terms for the volumes. Name .Address. G .W .1. The Great War—Part 186.
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