The Great War Part 175, December 22nd 1917

PROCRASTINATION D L A ShaveN failed schemes have gone awry battles have been lost because of procrastination. The man who puts things off never succeeds. It is the man who says to himself “This thing wants doing and I will do ”it now who pulls off the good things in life. We do not need to tell you what we are driving at. You are putting off buying the covers for binding the loose parts of “THE GREAT WAR .”You are saying to yourself “It does not matter I can get it done a little later.” And the time will come very rapidly when you will have to pay more for it and you will be cross with yourself and possibly cross with us too, because we are forced to charge you more. Bear in mind that when the price does go up we shall have given you proper warning. You cannot charge us with surprising you. We give you another chance and it is up to you to take advantage of it. DO IT NOW IN a short time the price of the cloth binding will be 3s. and the half leather 5s. 6d. This is irrevocable. If we charge you less we should lose on the transaction and that you cannot expect us to do. Send your order for the binding immediately and the prices will be as hitherto. Half Leather Binding. In rich scarlet leather and full gilt backs. EACH VOLUME 4/6 Cloth Binding. A rich w ine-coloured case—s tron g and lasting .EACH VOLUME 2/6 HOW TO GET THE COVERS. These cases maybe obtained from the same newsagent by whom the parts are supplied or (hey maybe obtained from the publishers post free for 4/11 and 2/11 respectively Order Yours To-day! Printed and published by the Amalgamated Press Limited The Fleetway House Farringdon Street London E.C. Published by Gordon& Gotch in Australia &New Z ealand by The Central News Agency Ltd. in South Africa by The Standard Literature Co. 13/1 Old CourtHouse St. Calcutta and The Imperial News Co. Toronto &Montreal in Canada. Advertisement applications should be made toThe Advertisement Manager The Fleetway House Farringdon London St E.C.U. INLAND AND ABROAD 9d. per copy post free. CANADA d. 8 per copy post free. Y
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