The Great World War A History, Part XII

226 The Great World War everybodys secret and there is a loophole for doubt whether Ferdinand would have kept to his bargain with Germany if it had not been for one factor which reduced his risk to a minimum. The French publicists who throughout the war were less fettered in airing their opinions on policy than their British confreres said quite plainly what this factor was. It was Greece. Greece they averred was bound to neutrality by secret agreement with Bulgaria. The treaty is not a likely story but that Germany was in a position to assure Bulgaria that Greece would not turn the Bulgarian flank when an attack was made on Serbia does appear credible. The Serbians themselves had no belief that Bul­garia would maintain her neutrality except under a threat of force by the Entente and sighted the beginning of the end as soon as Bulgaria through the mouth of Radovslavoff began to make extortionate demands for terri­torial compensations in Macedonia. There is nothing to show whether the Serbians were surprised at the Greek refusal to come to their help. From the few things they have said or written it appears that they thought there was little hope for them after their request for military aid from Great Britain and France was rejected “The Fox of the Balkans”: a characteristic snapshot of Ferdinand of Bulgaria talking to General Ivanoff
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