The Great World War A History, Part XII

Bulgarias Intentions 225 CHAPTER X THE INVASION OF SERBIA (October-December 1915 )Bulgaria and the Austro-Germ an Powers—The Mistaken Diplomacy of the Entente— Greece and Serbia— Serbian Salient— Configuration of Attacks on Serbia—Arm ies of Koevess and Gallwitz—Advance at Sem endria Rand am—T he Defences of Belgrade— Fall of the City— The Southward Retreat of the Serbians— Bulgarian First and Second Arm ies—Abandonment o f N ish— Second Bulgarian Army bars the Retreat to Greece Vat ranje and Veles— The Franco-British Relief Expedition— Preliminary Suc­cesses— Final Check— Failure to get in Touch with Serbians— The Sole Road of Retreat to Albania— Withdrawal of General Sarrails Force. I N a letter which was found among the papers of Captain Von Papen, the German attache in Wash­ington was one from Prince H. Hatz- feld in which the Prince writing in the summer of 1915 gave some rather uncertain reasons for believing that Bulgaria would “certainly income on our side after the harvest at the end of August”. Prince Hatzfelds infor- VOL. IV. mation proved to be true whereas the confidences circulated in the British House of Commons after the harvest had been garnered that Bulgaria was “all right” provided that no prema­ture announcements found their way into the newspapers proved to be false. But thouoh the German Head- O quarters Staff may have been positive of Ferdinands intentions it was not 155-156 The Greek Mobilization: Reservists arriving at Salonika
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