The Great War Part 166, October 20th 1917

I p i 1 “Good Books well bound are the truest and best of friends.” w m m 'TR EAT your books as friends— and they will become your 1 friends. "THE GREAT WAR ”will abe much better friend to you when you get the loose parts turned into bound books. And its so easy and inexpensive to do this. 000 TELL your newsagent to call at your house for Parts 141 to 160 and to supply the publishers binding case— and then to have these parts bound into it thus forming Volume 9. This will take its place beside the other eight volumes on your bookshelves and— instead of the worry and annoyance of missing and torn pages— you will have strong and handsome volumes that will give you constant satisfaction and will outlive the lives of all your friends. 0000 THERE are two styles of binding case. The one in rich wine-coloured cloth will cost you 2/6 or the handsome scarlet half leather one 4/6. And the work of binding the parts into the case will cost you only a small extra outlay. 0 0 CHOU L D you have any difficulty in getting the binding case ^locally you can get it by return of post by sending 2/11 or 4/11— according to which of the above styles you prefer— to the publishers The Amalgamated Press Ltd. The Fleetway House, Farringdon Street London E.C. 4. And you will get something else that you dont have to pay for. 000 THE publishers present FREE with each case a magnificent photogravure frontispiece that sets the seal of perfection on the work. The subject for Volume 9 is “THE MUSIC OF TRIUMPH: Victorious Australians Entering Bapaume, March 17th 1917 ”—and it is a remarkably fine drawing. Volume 10 is already well advanced: Dont delay your duty to Volume 9. mEg m a SEE ABOUT IT TO-DAY I ~Printed and published by the A m a lg a mated Pres sLim i ted The Fleetway House Farringdon Street London E.C. Published by Gordon& Gotch in Australia &New Zealand by The Central News Agency Ltd. in South Africa by The Standard Literature Co. 13/1 Old CourtHouse St. Calcutta and The Imp e rial News Co. Toronto &Montreal in Canada. Advertisement applications should be made toThe Advertisement Manager The Fleetway House Farringdon London Bt B.C.4 - JNLAND AND ABROAD. 9d. per copy post free. CANADA 8Jd. per copy post free. Y
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