The Great War Part 110, September 23rd 1916

Landing a large motor- lorry from a river barge som ew hereon the Tigris bank. O then right of the illustration another automobile can be discerned under the awning. which they drove everything before them they occupied the fourth and fifth line. Information was then received by scouting aeroplanes that the enemy was strongly reinforcing his positions both at Felahieh and Sanna-i-Yat, three and a half and seven miles away up the river. As the approach layover very open ground farther advance was deferred until nightfall. At 8 p.m. after a well-earned rest the forward movement was continued on the left (north) bank and the Felahieh position was successfully carried in the darkness. The 3rd Division in the mean­while under General Keary had pushed on upon the other bank and had met with equal suc- General Kearys cess in capturing the enemys trenches advance opposite Felahieh and consolidated the position despite a strong counter-attack. On April 9th General Gorringe pressed onto Sanna-i-Yat, but here he found the enemy entrenched in such strength that he had to fallback. General Keary on the right bank met with less resistance and he was able to press onwards until by April 17th he had reached a point within eleven miles of Kut. On that and the following day the Turks delivered furious counter-attacks which, at a computed cost of 3000 casualties forced the British to retire. A bombardment of Sanna-i-Yat was followed by afresh assault on the 23rd but again the position proved impregnable and once more the British had to fallback. So in storm and rain and flood with ever-decreasing forces opposed to ever-increasing numbers the relief force found itself within eleven miles of Kut whence the beleaguered British now in the last extremity of hunger, could seethe flashes of its guns. On April 29th the limit of endurance was reached and the doom of Kut sealed. An ominous message from General Townshend received by wireless at half-past eleven CAB KING A MOTOR -L ORR Y FROM A BARGE .Another impression of a powerful m otor-lorry backing from a supp lv barge. One of the chief difficulties of the Mesopotamian Campaign arose from the lack o f transport. T HER MOS FOOD-S A FEAT THE K UT-E MARL-A A HOSP ITAL .Ingenious arrangement for keeping food either hot or cold for the patients. 255
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