The Great War Part 110, September 23rd 1916

THE BEARING OF HISTORY ON THE WAR is amply demonstrated in the 1 5 -Volume“ HARMSWORTH HISTORY OF THE WORLD” Read the following glowing sentences written by MR. HORATIO BOTTOMLEY in a page description of the“ Harmsworth History of the World ”that recently appeared in “John Bull.” “Reading these volumes you will find that time after time in the history of mankind the forces of evil have seemed to overwhelm and destroy the fruits of centuries of progress. W e have had our Alexanders and our A ttilas our Tam erlanes and our Napoleons our Goths and Vandals before whose ravages civilisation emerged bleeding and bruised to struggle again to convalescence and new life just as to-day w e have a world strife that seems to shake the stars and makes us almost doubt the power of God himself.” “Read the glowing story of the history of all time as told in the ‘Harm sw orth History of the World —and you will understand. You will understand something of the mystic forces of which the present war is one of those periodic manifestations which mark the evolution of the world and is but the story of a thousand struggles which have gone before— repeating itself in an ever-widening scale.” “You may study Green and Prescott Kinglake and Motley Froude and Macaulay and all the rest of them but the prejudices of their ‘points of view will leave you less wise than when you began. You may have formed ‘opinions’ but you will not have acquired knowledge. Read the Harm sw orth History of the World— and you will be wise.” INFILL AND POST THIS COUPON and you will receive FREE BY RETURN OF POST Full Particulars of the 15- Volume To The Educational Book Co. Ltd.' 17 New Bridge St., London E.C. Sirs.—I accept your offer of an illustrated booklet in colourB describing the New 15- Volume '‘Harmsworth History of the World,' and it is understood that if I become a subscriber, the 15 volumes and a free 10th volume value 15s. will be delivered to meat once on payment of only Is. bet followed by further small monthly subscriptions after I have received the books. Name. HARMSWORTH HISTORY OF THE WORLD 55 Send to-day for the free booklet in colours descriptive of this mighty work. The volumes are delivered to you on first payment o f only 1/- the balance payable in further small sub­scriptions while you and your family are enjoying possession o f this m agnifi­ cent Illustrated History of the World. Send to-day and you can become en­titled to receive FREE a special 16th Illustrated Volume (value 15/-) e­d scribing the outbreak and continuance of the Great War up to the Battles o f the Marne. Thus your World History will be brought more up-to-date than any“ H istory1 ever published. When you get the volumes you will endorse Mr. Bottomleys glow­ing tribute as quoted above. SEND NO MONEY WITH COUPON Printed and published by the A glam a mated Press Limited The Fleetway House Farringdon Street London E.C. Published by Gordon& Gotch in Australia and New Zealand by The Central News Agency Ltd in South Africa by The Standard Literature Co. 13/1 Old CourtHouse Street Calcutta *and The Imperial News Co. Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Advertise-ment applications should be made to The Advertisement Manager The Fleetway House Farringdon St. London .CE .INLAND and ABROAD 8d. per copy post free. CANADA 7id. per copy post free. v
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