The Land Girl

TH ELAND GIRL Lady Denman presents 4-year armlets in Lancashire. With her are Lady Worsley Taylor (County Chairman) and Mrs. Robertson (County Organiser). —By courtesy o f "Preston Guardian." REVERIE I straightened my aching back and gazed with considerable lack of enthus­iasm at the field of sugar I'eet which seem­ed, in the haze of rain, to have assumed gigantic proportions. What a prospect! A whole morning of trimming sugar beet ahead of me, end already, at half past seven, my feet felt cold and damp, rain was dripping dismally down my neck, and the beet, slimy with mud, slipped from my icy fingers. A warm bed was my idea of heaven at that moment, but I seemed to recall dimly that there had been times when I was glad to be up be­fore the rest of the world. Mornings when the cool air had the exhilarating tang of wine, and the lambs on their stiff woolly legs leaped under the cherry trees. Dark winter mornings, with the stamping of hooves and the jingle of harness from the stable as I clattered by over the iron- hard ground, hurricane lamp in one hand and pail in the other. Summer morn­ings and long hot days in the cornfields with shared jugs of tea and jokes that were cracked last year, and the year before, that will be cracked next year and the year after, but which always raise a laugh. The smell of a sweating horse. the incredible softness of a horse’s nose. The big yellow harvest moon and the frosty silver moon of a few months later. The magic of a white winter morn­ing and moonshine, with the footprints of Thumper the Rabbit making a delicate pattern on the smooth snow. I straightened my back once more— strange, it did not ache so much now. It had stopped raining, and in the soft autumn sunlight the beet field seemed quite small and friendly. Soon it would be lunchtime. I sighed with satisfaction. “Thank heavens I joined the Land Army!” Kent. J. Attwood, 59074. From The THAMES CONSERVANCY REPORT FOR 1943 “The total number of men employed has averaged about 850 a week, of which about 560^ men were Italian prisoners of war We have also had 15 members of the Women’ Lands Army working for us. and some are driving excavators, and very well they have done, too.” WANTED. —Women’ s Riding Breeches, .Riding Coat. Height 5 ft., waist 24 ins., bust 34. Smith, 1 Rye Hill, Longbridge Deverill, Warminster, Wilts. March, 19445
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