The Land Girl

TH ELAND GIRL W IL TS.—The oflicc, formerly Nat“ onsuch,” B rom ham .has now moved to its new quarters at Wine Street, Devizes. PLEASE NOTE. All clubs and hostels have been busy with various entertainments, socials, dances and carol singing. One hostel showed its appreciation of the hospitality it received from the village by giving a party for 150 childr n. Others have started knitting bees for the Red Cross and scwine parties for making Priso- ncrc nf War Comforts. Y .F.C.s have been com- With .L.A .clubs at Brains Trust and Agri- Bccs. E.N .S.A .has been giving a show at tnd clubs every week since October, and they produced a wonderful concert at try for a combined Wilts and Dorset party. 40 people were present, including both Secretaries, the Chairwoman and Organi- jtarty congratulations to Thelm a Birtwistle. received a B.E.M .and was one of the ircsentativcs at a press conference in Lon-"don. The first Proficiency Tests took placc at Great Chalfield. where 4 girls out of the 6 who entered, passed with flying colours. W e regret the resignation of Miss Dudman, Assistant Secretary, owing to ill-health. After 4 years loyal work, she will be very much missed. W e extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Maurice, anew County O rganiser, who will be working on the east side of the county. ROW CS.— W c have recently started a County Club in Worcester in a large room over L.A.the shop, where girls can meet three days a week. Refreshments can be obtained and we are trying to make the club a jolly meeting placc for L.G.s and their friends whenever they happen to be in Worcester. The Q ueenhill Club had a grand idea. The members agave party for their landladies and their husbands! The evening began with a whist drive and after refreshments they had games and community singing. This party was so suc­cessful. that we hear other clubs are hoping to have similar parties. Our Drama Groups have been busy. The Shclslcy Beauchamp Group agave show in the village schoolroom .The hall was crowdcd and as a result £1410s. was sent to the Welfare and Benevolent Fund. TheW ilden Group agave performance at the Summcrficld Industrial Hostel, and wc understand that this was appre­ciated so much that the Group has been asked to give two more public performances! M. Steffens. .Inkbcrrow Hostel Leader, sends an interesting ac­count o f the wedding of the hostel driver, Mrs. Bentley to Mr. Sparrow ,at Evesham, on Feb. 2nd. YORK S.,N .&W. R .—Two interesting tours have taken placc during the last month. On Sunday, Jan. 9th. 60 .L.AW .members went round the Poppleton Sugar Beet Factory. Unfortunately the number had to be limited to 60 and many more would have liked to have made the tour. After going through the factory and realising the heat which some of the workers have to bear, the general opinion was that .L.AW .members much preferred their part of the process—even if it was often very cold ?nd verv back-aching. The second tour was round the Flax Factory—as this could only be arranged for a week-day only a small number were able to attend but those who could come found it exceedingly interesting. A C.E.M .A. which covered 10 hostels was an outstanding ess and all those hostels which were not in-¦d arc anxiously asking when they can have a a r concert. TheY .F.C . Organiser is holding int>s in all hostels and hopes that some of sirls will join the local branches of theY .F.C. are most grateful to all these organisations for co-operuion and for making these activities ble. Miss Sumner. 84588. secretary of Spen y Club, sends an interesting account of the —cm n'k meeting on Feb. 10th, when Miss Jacob Smith, on behalf of the club nvm bcrs presented an inscribed silver inkstand to Miss Lunib, Area Representative, who is leaving the county. Miss Sumner writes that Miss Lum b will be sorely missed and so will Miss Jacob Smith, who will remain as Organiser with the North Riding when the two Ridings split. County Returns County Bcn. F. Total Eto­ £8. d. ploved Kent 55481410.3988 Essex 613111.3634 Surrey 1386130.2298 Hants. 1269146.2118 Herts. 73339 o non Leics. 175H Rut. 267/132894 •E. Sussex 889147 Worcs. 105460 Northants. 154520 Bucks. 94360 Warwicks. 205995 Devon 1137211.*0.0^11 Norfolk 1443121.1558 W. Sussex 1736158.1538 Cheshire 1160104.1453 Wilts...................... 46743.1447 Lancs. 64852.1436 North’l’d 224122.1371 Yorks, N.R. 77428.1295 Glos. 1488145.1259 Berks. 100563.1195 Hunts. 3051 Cambs. 530)¦618510^.(1165 Ely 330 J E. Suffolk Oxon Yorks, E.R. Salop Beds. Durham.. Cumbs. &West. Kesteven Dorset ..Glam. Lindsey ..Hereford Mon. Lon.& Middx. . Denbighs. Holland ..Derby N. Wales Pembroke Carms. &Cards. I.O.W. ..Mont. Cornwall Notts. Somerset Staffs. W. Suffolk Yorks, W.R. . Brec. &Rad. Flint. Timber Corps .On February 29th there were 68.900 volunteers in employment. “TH ELAND GIRL "Published M id-m onthly. 3d. per copy, 3s. per year, Is. 6d. per six months, post free. Cash with order. 60'8361363510541627614623646914891954266439105211477111135513253117211452018118463815121510 mm 39' Printed by Buckley Press Ltd .,Astor House, Aldwych London, .CW .2. (Wt. 11775/624 KA).
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