The Land Girl

THE LAND GIRL SURREY .—New clubs continue to spring up and flourish in all parts o f the county. W e welcome the latest three at Cranleigh, H atchford and Ash- tead. The Cranlcigh Club meets once a week in the Community Centre, and the members have play-reading and dancing lessons. Local resi­dents have been most helpful in every Hatch­way. ford has already organised avery successful dance, and hopes to produce plays, whilst Ashtead has a choir as well as a Dramatic Society. £31 has been raised recently for the Benevolent Fund by rallies, dances, carol singing, the sale of herbs and half the fees obtained by one artist volunteer for her portraits of dogs. W c hope to make areal drive to increase Surrey’s contributions to the Fund in the near future suggestions on ways and means will be welcomed. Congratulations are due to 138 volunteers who have obtained the National Proficiency Badge. It is hoped to arrange another scries of tests when the evenings are longer. Our .C.AW .has recently arranged for two gangs of their volunteers to have specialised training in fruit pruning. The Royal Horticultural Society at Wisley very kindly gave each gang a fortnight's training on different varieties of trees, and this was fol­lowed by a sccono fortnight's training under the Committee's Horticultural Ofliccr. Both gangs arc now undertaking contract work, and it is hoped to arrange for more volunteers to be trained next season. Volunteers from H atchctts Hostel at Ncw- digate write that they have now comfortably settled in and are very grateful to their Warden for all she does for them .Although N cwdigatc is avery isolated village the hostel has held several socials for soldiers and airmen stationed locally and for men from a nearby hostel. E. SUSSEX.— Proficiency Tests are going strong in the county and thos.- girls entering for them have in the great majority of eases passed their oral and practical tests with great credit. The Director of Agriculture, Mr. Jesse, and his staff, as well as several well-known farmers have given us invaluable help in lecturing and in acting as judges at the tests. Where it was impossible for girls working in outlying farms to attend lectures a two-day course of instruction at the East Sussex School of Agriculture was arranged, and very D.R unadcs, 38788 (IK. Sussex), and friend. much enjoyed by those lucky ones who were able to attend it. Owing to our scheme of pre- Proficiency Test instruction we feel not onyl that wc can keep our standard of testing for the Proficiency Badge to a high level but that wc have given our volunteers a start on the road to becoming really intelligent agriculturalists. 35 girls have now received their four-year armlets. Many Christmas panics were arranged in the county and were all great fun. Girls in the Chailcy district will be glad to hear that their District Chairman, Mrs. Brooke, who has had a serious operation is now convalcsccnt. Splend.d efforts for the Benevo­lent Fund, including dances, whist drives and sales of home-made toys, have brought our total to over £772. The Shaugh Hostel at Hartficld showed great ingenuity, one volunteer earned money by cleaning shoes, another by washing and ironing undies, while all made things to sell at their dancc. Another chcquc for £140 has come from Mrs. Scott (H oram District Chairman) as the re­sult of sales of her lovely flower paintings. W . SUSSEX.—Three hand milking and one general farm work Proficiency Tests have so far been held. 39 have passed, and of these, 10 gained distinction. W c congratulate them all, and particularly Miss J. Elliott, of Billingshurst. who gained 98 percent, in the general farm work test. Several new clubs have been formed and the county now h ai a total of 31. Films sent by E.N .S.A .are very popular, and C.E.M .A .have arranged some entertainments. A course of talks on horticulture, by Mr. Fanner, Assist. Horticultural Instructor to theW .Sussex County Council, is being held Win orthing, and most clubs have now had talks on various aspccts of farming. AWN. LES.—W c congratulate the volunteers successful in the recent Proficiency Tests, and specially compliment H . W oodruff (Pests), B. Wil­liams (Pests), and L.B. Bacon (Poultry) who gained distinction. Reports reached us of avery large number of Christmas parties Mcnai Bridge hostel entertained again this year over 50 schoolchildren Miss Griffith, our C hairm an, and the Cacrnavon Club had avery gay affair to which many volun­teers from other clubs and also hostels were in­vited. C.E.M .A .have ju it finished an equally very successful second tour, and wc have now de­cided to arrange a third before the season ends. The Lady Kathleen Stanley presided at the Valley hostel when Capt. Clifford, of the U.S. Army, pre­sented G.S. Badges: the Proficicncy Badges were presented by Group Capt in Isherw oed. the British airman who took the first Hurricane toWing Russia. Excellent con:ributions have been received towards the Benevolent and the local Welfare Fund. Llanystumdvvy Club organ sed a splendid Christmas Sale that realised over £70 for the Benevolent Fund, while G lyn-y-W eddw hostel by means of dances and whist drives have sent substantial sums to both funds. The turkey given by Miss Grif­fith certainly proved a winner, it realised over £38, and best of all. it was won by a Land Girl. W e send a warm welcome to the staff and volunteers of our new hostel at Bala. WAR WICK SHIRE'S “great day ”was on Jan. 7th. when Lady D enman visited Warwick and presented four-year armlets to our long-scrvicc volunteers. Twenty-five L.A. members, also mem­bers of the committee and staff of theW .L.A W.and .A .E.C .gathered at the Tudor House Hotel in Warwick where they were entertained to dinner by our Chairman, Mrs. Fieldcn. Great was the delight of all when Lady Denm an announced that she had a surprise item to add to the evening’s program me and that was to present a spccial 4-year armlet to our Chairman. All the volunteers were then presented with their 4-ycar armlets by Lady D enm an, and afterw ards Mr. Hughes, Chairman of the county .AW .C.E .spoke a few words of appreciation of theW .L.A.M. Rylcy thanked Lady Denman, presenting her with cheques for over £100 for theW .L.A .Benevolent Fund, and K. Foulkcs presented Mrs. Ficlden with a book and thanked her from all for the marvellous party. March, 194415
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