The Land Girl

No. 12, Volume 4. MARCH, 1944. Price 3d. FULL VALUE EXCEPT for a general feeling that the bigger the better and the more the merrier, individual volunteers may feel that they are not much affected by the Government’s decision to limit the size of the Land Army, but in fact this decision has a personal meaning for every member. Once the Land Army had a chance to prove what it could do, its growth was rapid and when recruiting was stopped last August it was increasing at the rate of nearly 4,000 a month. There can belittle doubt that in the coming Spring and Summer it would have entered its second hundred thousand but for the necessity to limit its numbers owing to the urgent need for women in other forms of war work. Since the work to be done is as essential as it ever was, the Land Army •must makeup in quality for what it cannot have in quantity. Its members are full-time workers pledged togo wherever they are sent placing them where they are most badly needed and cannot be replaced by local or part-time labour is the responsibility of the Land Army authorities. But it is every member’s own responsibility to ensure that she is worth her membership for she is filling a place which no one else may take as long as she holds it. It is quite easy to waste half an hour a day by arriving a little late, knocking off a little early or having a nice gossip in the middle of a job, but if every volunteer wasted half an hour a day the Land Army would, in effect, lose the work of 4,375 volunteers. This might not matter if other workers were avail­able but it matters very much indeed when the number of permitted volunteers is limited. This does not mean that volunteers should overwork. Excessive overtime does no good to anyone’s health and it is very doubtful whether in the end it even results in more work but if we can’t get a quart out of the Land Army’s pint pot we can at least all see that we get a full pint out of it. M.A. P.¦'
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