The Great War Part 103, August 5th 1916

TWO CHOICES Next which binding? For those who put economy before appearance there is the 2/6 style. This is in rich claret- coloured cloth with handsome blocked design, and is both strong and neat. But for those who take a genuine pride in their books an expenditure of only 4/6 per volume will procure the rich scarlet half leather binding cases. Your newsagent can supply you or you can get them post free for 2/11 and 4/11 respectively from the Publishers The Fleetway House, Farringdon Street London E.C. Then having got the cases all you need do is to take or send your parts and the cases to the local bookbinder. He will do the necessary work and you will have within a few days a permanent and connected history of the war that will recall memories and visualise world-shaking events, during the long peace that is coming. But whichever style you select you will receive FREE with each cover supplied by the pub­lishers aMagnificent Photo­ gravure Frontispiece to be inbound the volume. The subjects of the frontispieces of six volumes now ready are: Vol. I.—Admiral Sir John Jellicoe Vol. II.—British Grand Fleet in the North Sea Vol. III.—The Capture of the German Trenches at Neuve Chapelle Vol. IV.—“ The Smile of Victory” —after Loos Vol. V.—Charging through the German Trenches at Loos Sept. 25th 1915 Vol. VI.— H.M.S. Spitfire torpedoing a German Cruiser on the night of May 31st 1916 OftftAT I c Ate& VV K TAG \Wm C K &AT WAR 1 '?&•X'& .rg^. jsF JF Ihwwilsqn anpLSQN H ^jisqN uvm soN WILSON I ! yjj '"''5 j ¦'v §%-:--f. sS b? -'*r¦•!y -v '-I'O m jhsI Volume2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 'ol«m e 6 I 1 ¦'X—-- rr. ~ r r w %:s W - i Ww «P. fj ' 'SSIMffW V sjjbbBP aj-mrrto SP‘ J jh b \fS !A!M Err 0 jW&A® i "ES S L L W ®TheseS Canes can be obtained in A USTRA I A SI Afro many news­agent or from Messrs. Gordon A Gotch Limited a t any o f their branches. SOUTH AFR IC A —The Central News Agency or any of their /tranches or Agencies throughout the Union. CANADA —Any newsagent's or The Imperial News Company 98 Church Street TO HON TO Lagauchetiere Street West MONT AUK Land 370 Donald Street WINNIPEG .MALTA— The Colonial Library, 44 S trad a lleale VALE TTA. INDIA —The Standard Literature Co. Ltd. 13/1 Old CourtHouse Street CALCUTTA Messrs. I)/i. Taraporevttla Sons (Co. 103 Medow Street. Fort, BOMBAY. C E lLON— Messrs. Plate Ltd. Box 127 COLOMBO. The Great War—Part 108 Choose firstly whether you will let your loose parts of “THE GREAT WAR ”re­main loose—get soiled torn, lent or lost—or will you get them bound together as per­manent handsome volumes in the beautiful and hard- wearing cases supplied by the publishers ?On merit there is only one possible answer—you will GET Your Parts Bound
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