The Great War Part 96, June 17th 1916

Printed and published by the Amalgamated Press Limited The Fleetway House Farringdon Street London E.C. Published by Gordon& Gotch in Australia and New Zealand by The Central News Agency Ltd. in South Africa by The Standard Literature Co. 13A Old CourtHouse Street Calcutta and The Imperial News Co Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Advertisement applications should be made to The Advertisement Manager The Fleetway House Farringdon St. London E.C. INLAND and ABROAD 8d. per copy post free. CANADA d. 7 per copy post free. YOn Sale June 20th ----Sixpence net This is the cover of the card on which you stick (id. stamps. You can get it at any Post Office. Have You Got Your War Savings Card TO?GO THE POST O F FIC Eat once and get your War Savings Card. Welding the Empire in Africa Another of the splendid series of True Tales o f the Great War.P riv ate Johannes Myburgh a Boer writes of the infighting German “South-West.” Hot Work for H .M.S. Glasgow An exciting series of cruises described by J. D. Stephenson a member of the crew. Seven Years at the German Court Miss Keen continue she ram a zing revelations of life at the German Court. And Eight Splendid Stories All in the July LONDON On this Card—w hich you can get free— you stick 6d. stamps till you have saved 15/6. When it is full take it to the Post Office and they will give you a War Savings Certificate which is worth 15/6 now but in 5 years time will be worth 1. You should also see that each of your children has a War Savings Card. You can of course take 15/6 to the Post Office and get a War Savings Certificate at once. What the Destroyer is doing in the War By the Naval Correspondent o f “The Times” THE importance of the work which has been performed by the destroyer in this war is only equalled by its variety. The writer de­scribes many of its activities and reveals how intimately connected these are with the most exciting and dramatic episodes ofthe Sea War. Each year your money grows as follows :In 1 year it becomes 15/9 In 2 years it becomes 16/9 In 3 years it becomes 17/9 In 4 years it becomes 18/9 In 5 years it becomes 1 You can always get your money back in full if you need it even if you take it out the day after you put it in. toGo the Post Officc TO-DAY and get your War Savings Card
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