The Great War Part 96, June 17th 1916

backed—" a Winner” 13 Aviary Road Arm ley Leeds 16/5/16 —.Dear Sir I feel I must write you a letter expressing m y appreciation o f your splendid historical work entitled “THE GREAT WAR.” I think it is without doubt the finest war history that is being compiled at the present time both from a pictorial as well as from a historical p o into f view and the pa peron which the work is printed could not possibly be improved upon. I was in Canada when war broke out and happening to glance in at a booksellers window I observed several numbers o f “THE GREAT W A R”and went into the shop to have a look at them —out o f curiosity Ill admit— but I was so impressed with the all-round excellence o f the work that I took the first sixteen parts (he had that number in stock) and gave him a standing order for “THE GREAT WAR ”as it was published week by week. mOn y return to Leeds I sought out a newsagent to whom I gave m y order as I had done in Canada. I have four volumes bound and Volume 5 is in the hands o f the bookbinders and is to be ready this week while Volume 6 will soon have to undergo the same process. I must say that to appreciate the work fully it is necessary to have the parts bound as it is robbed o f much o fits value and appearance when left lying about loose. I took the volumes to the workshop to show tom y fellow-workmen and they were unanimous in saying that it was a splendid history o f the war. One fellow in particular expressed regret at not having taken it when it first came out and told tome quote his “own words I had backed a winner.” I do not intend to trespass fur theron your valuable time but in conclusion, I Just want to wish you every success in your further efforts to bring the work to a successful completion and to maintain the high standard already attained. I am Sir Yours for “THE GREAT WAR ”JOHN ALL AN.On Page III. o f Cover will be found full information for binding your loose parts into handsome volumes The Great War— Part 96.
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