The Great War Part 94, June 3rd 1916

Full Particulars of Binding Cases are given on Page iii On December 13th 1914 before the land attack on the Turkish positions was under­taken Lieutenant N.D. Holbrook in com­mando f the B n entered the Dardanelles, and notwithstanding the very difficult current, dived his vessel under five rows o f mines and torpedoed the Turkish battleship Messudiyeh. More difficult still he brought back his boat in safety although -he was attacked by gunfire and torpedo-boats which compelled him 011 one occasion to remain submerged for nine hours. T o such a man nothing is impossible. RECORD OF HEROIC ACTIONS The Senior Service has perhaps not so many V .C.s to its credit as one might hope for but we may rest assured that this is not owing to any lack o f enthusiasm on the part o four noble sailors but rather to lack o f opportunities for displaying their zeal. The deed which gained for Lieutenant H olbrook that coveted distinction will livelong in our minds as one o f splendid dash and endurance and should be handed down to future generations in some permanent form for in time to come it will be impossible to recall accurately all the gallant deeds o f this terrible war. Lieutenant H olbrooks brilliant exploit is but one of the many heroic actions which are recorded in the pages of “THE GREAT WAR .”Bind your parts to-day and so make it impossible for future generations to lose sight of even 'one o f the gallant deeds of the Empires defenders. Lieutenant Holbrook V.C. on board H.M .S. Adamant. His right hand is resting almost affectionately on one of the deadly -projectiles he soused effectively against the enemy. His submarine is seen alongside. The Great War.—P a rt 94.
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