The Great War Part 88, April 22nd 1916

CRIMES No. 4 The Sinking of the Falaba O fall Germ anys cool calculated and cold-blooded murders the sinking of the F alaba at the mouth of St. Georges Channel on March 27th 1915 and the massacre of one hundred and tw enty-one innocent lives will always rank as one of the most hideous crimes on record. In spite of the large number of people on board the com­mander of the U36 gave them only ten minutes to get into the boats and away— an impossibility in the time. A t the expiration of the ten minutes a torpedo was driven into the helpless ship while the decks were still crowded with men women and children. The scene that followed this act of blood-lust can be imagined. Many were killed b they explosion. Boats were shattered and their occupants thrown into the water while the liner rapidly took a heavy list that precipitated the others into the sea. The agonised cries of the women and children Were heartrending. While this ghastly scene was being enacted the sub­marine came slow lyon a score of men heron deck. B y outreaching theit hands they could have pulled a few children— or even perhaps a Woman or two— on board. They did nothing of the sort. On the contrary, the officers and men on the submarine laughed and jeered as their vessel forged its way slowly among their drowning victims. Of such men will the British Navy exact full reparation in Gods own time. GERMANY HAS COMMITTED Passengers clinging to the Falaba's upturned boat. A Record of Germanys Crimes From time to time full and authentic accounts of Germ any’s crimes have been given in various parts of “THE GREAT WAR .”In Volume III. a full account is given of the sinking of the Falaba. It is vividly illustrated with remarkable photographs of the actual ^scenes. B y binding together all the loose parts of “THE GREAT WAR” a lasting and complete record is obtained not only of all these crimes, but also of every other phase in this colossal upheaval of nations. Order one of the publishers binding cases to­day and so make sure of keeping this valuable record intact. PRICES :Half Leather 4/6 Cloth 2/6 How to obtain your binding cases: These cases maybe obtained irom the same newsagent b y whom the parts are supplied, or they maybe obtained from the publishers, post free for 4s. n d .and 2s. n d .respectively. For further particulars seepage Hi. The Great War.— Part 88.
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