The Great War Part 86, April 8th 1916

f^DIM FC GER MANY HAS V^KlrlLJ COMMIT NO.TED 2 The Barbaric Destruction of Louvain The razing and sacking of Louvain the Oxford of Belgium has been described as "the most senseless crime of the war.” On the evening of August 25th 1914. a German corps after receiving a check entered the town in disorder. A German guard fired on their routed countrymen by mistake. Without inquiry the German commander-in-chief announced that the town would be immediately destroyed. Men were made prisoners, women and children were packed off to unknown destinations and several notable citizens were shot. The splendid Church of St. Pierre the University buildings founded in 1426 the library and scientific establishment were burned to the Aground. town of 45000 inhabitants was reduced to a heap of smoking ruins. While the wholesale destruction was ongoing the soldiers looted everywhere. Champagne, wine cigars everything of value was carried off. The Kaiser afterwards said that his heart bled for Louvain. Not nearly so grievously as our hearts bleed for the awful sufferings of our brave little Allies. We will never forget them.As Mr. Asquith said at Edinburgh:“ Louvain Malines, Termonde. These are names which will henceforward be branded on the brow of German culture.” Indisputable Evidence At the conclusion of the war we must insist upon our Government exacting full reparation from Germany for her crimes in Belgium. The numerous photographs of these which have appeared from time to time in “THE GREAT WAR ”form indisputable evidence which the Government cannot afford to ignore. The easiest cheapest, and best way to preserve this evidence is to have it bound with the publishers registered binding cases of which the cloth ones are illustrated here. For full particulars Turn to page iii. The Great War.—Part 86.
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