History of the Second World War, Vol 8

'uan SHANSI-CHARHAR -SU IY U A N Peking luchiao. HOPEH -CHAHAR SH ANS I Yangchi^ Tientsin SHANTUNG sinan ungtao KANSU K IAN G SU A WTTWT?T J tt W J ii J L Nankin Hank (WU c h Chungking Changti KW EICHOW Kweiyang Wenchow F U K IE N Foochow KW ANGSI Lend-Lease Aid to China March 1941 -October 1945 Guns and ammunition Aircraft and parts Tanks and parts Motor vehicles and parts Machinery and metals Petroleum products Other supplies Shipping and other expenses 164.805.000112.970.00011.070.00089.493.00034.644.0007087000193.948.00017.492.000 Total aid 631509000 Lend-Lease aid to other countries was as follows: Top left: The Chinese theatre of operations, showing the war sectors. Left: An itemised breakdown of Lend-Lease to China between March 1941 and October 1945 compared with similar aid to the three other main Allies. Top: ‘Vinegar Joe —Lieutenant-General Joseph Stilwell the first American adviser to the Generalissimo. Centre: Major-General Claire Chennault Leader of the 'Flying Tigers and the 14th Air Force. Above: Stilw ells successor, Major-General Albert Wedemeyer remained Chiang's adviser to the end of the war. Opposite page: Japanese troops firing from an old fortress in China The Hopeh-Chahar and Shantung-Kiangsu sectors were not numbered The Hopeh-Chahar-Suiyuan sector was not numbered until Sept. 1945 when it was designated the 12th War Sector and transferred to the southern district of Jehol Province- ^Reorganised into the Yunnan Expeditionary 4 Army and transferred to Yunnan Province in autumn 1943 I Transferred to Hopeh Province in Sept. 1945 British Empire U.S.S.R. France CHINESE WAR SECTORS July 1937 -September 19450200400 Miles INN G H SIA H U I 600 Kms Gulf of Pohai SHANTUNG -KIAN G SU SZECHWAN Chengtu ' Q ANGTUNG TAIWAN Swatow (FORMOSA) Hong Kong REPLACED B Y 7 Nanning (Yungning) FR ENC HIND O-CH IN A From the end of 1943 to the end of war Limit of Japanese advance into China May 1944- April 1945 From summer 1938 to the end of war (with the exception of the 4th War Sector) From immediately after the outbreak of the China incident to spring 19383138 Imperial War Museum Imperial War Museum Imperial War Museum
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