Illustrated Michelin Guides to the Battlefields 1914-1918, Verdun

VERDUN HOTELS AND MOTOR AGENTS. O n June 11919 .Information extra c ted from the tichelin Tourist Guide (1919 ).Ho stellerie d u Coq Hardi 8 Rue duSt. Esprit (between the Rue Mazel and the Meuse). Hotel d u Lion dO Placer Saint Paul (Opposite the Sub-Prefecture). The “Co mite d u R a vita ille men t d e s R efu g ” ies w h sb^ e head-quarters are a t th e“Co lleg ” e Rue St. Paul (see Guide, p .31 and 33) h a sin sta lle dare fe c tory and dormitory in the “College. The “Co mite ”supplies tourists with t headdresses o f private persons who let rooms .The resources o f the region around Verdun describe din the itin era rie s(p. 57 and 88) are absolutely nil. Tourists are there fore advised t o provide them selves with Lunch eon Bask e ts. MOTOR AGENTS. Grand Garage Central Roche tte 22 rued e la R iviere Agent for Peugeot. Inspection pit. P e tro l(G asolen e). Telephone N o 50 .The above information may n o longer b e exact w h nite meets the readers eye .Tourists are there fore re com mended t o cons ult the Michelin Touring Office .Before sett in gout o nam too ring tour w h the erin the British Isles o r abroad call o writer t o :THE MICH LINE TOURING OFFICE 8 1 Fulh am Rd. Lon don ______ S.W. 3.---------- who will b e pleased t o furnish all desired information and a carefully w orkedout itinerary o f the ro u tet o b e followed ,free o f charge.
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