The Gallipoli Diary of Sergeant W. J. Cawthorn of Melbourne Victoria. Aug 28th 1915 - Dec.15 1915

85 Chaudri Muhammad Ali (Pakistani Prime Minister). Karachi 1955 Bill and Mary with John George Diefenbaker (Canadian Prime Minister) and his wife. Ottawa 1959. Bill in Jakarta meeting President Surkano of Indonesia in the 60s Bill with Lord Casey Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs at the SouthEast Asia Treaty Organisation Conference in Manila Phillipines in 1966 Copies of some of Bills Documents Bills Enlistment Certificate for the Great War (First Page) From the Front Cover of Bills Diary From the back pages of Bills Diary His Record of Letters and Parcels received and of Letters sent Copy of two pages of Bills Diary –True Size Bills Medical Certificate for First World War Service And Appointment Certificate to the 22 nd Battalion Bills Record of Army Service –The Great War Bills Record of Army Service to the end of the Second World War Bills obituary written by his friend Lord Casey
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