The Gallipoli Diary of Sergeant W. J. Cawthorn of Melbourne Victoria. Aug 28th 1915 - Dec.15 1915

3 Bills Gallipoli Diary –Contents Introduction-----------------------------------------------P 4 The Diary--------------------------------------------------------- P 6 Interesting Excerpts from the Diary-------------------------P 61 Glossary---------------------------------------------------P 79 Places------------------------------------------------------P 80 Appendices------------------------------------------------P 80 Gallipoli Campaign Timeline Conversion Tables Whos Who of Gallipoli Australian and British Military Formations of 1915 Daily Rations Casualties Bibliography Diaries in the Australian War Memorial Canberra Acknowledgements------------------------------------------- P 82 Photos and copies---------------------------------------- P 83 Abbreviations A.M.C. Australian Medical Corps Adjt. Adjutant Bde Brigade Btn or Bn Battalion Coy Company Div Divisional GOC General Officer Commanding HQ Headquarters L. of C.Line of communication LH Bde Light Horse Brigade Maj. Major NCO Non commissioned office ORS Orderly Room Sergeant QM Quartermaster QMS Quartermaster sergeant RQMS Regimental QuarterMaster Sergeant RSM Regimental Sergeant Major Sgt Sergeant
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