The Gallipoli Diary of Sergeant W. J. Cawthorn of Melbourne Victoria. Aug 28th 1915 - Dec.15 1915

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4 Bills Gallipoli Diary -Introduction At last I have finished typing out my uncle Bills Gallipoli diary. I have done this primarily for my children and grandchildren so they may read about our familys close connection to the Gallipoli story which is a milestone in our nations history and of their grand and great uncles part in that disastrous but epic campaign as an ordinary sergeant and later a lieutenant. A Bit About Bill -Before Gallipoli Bill was born Walter Joseph Cawthorn in 1896 to William and Fanny Cawthorn of Brighton a suburb of Melbourne. William had a box factory in Prahran near Brighton. Bill was the second child of William and Fannys nine children. The first Alberta died a few months afterbirth. Bill was educated at Melbourne High School after which he gained a degree at Melbourne University and commenced teaching in Melbourne in 1914 the year Australia became involved in the Great War or First World War as it later came to be known. Then in Feb. 1915 at 19 years old he joined the A.I.F. -the Australian Infantry Forces. He was posted to the newly formed 22nd Battalion in March, and sent to Gallipoli with the ANZACS in May of the same year. Then after three months training in Egypt near Alexandria he arrived in Gallipoli with his unit on Sept. 4th 1915. The 22nd battalion was one of four new battalions the 21st 22nd 23rd and the 24th all raised in Victoria at the start of the Great War and forming the 6th Brigade of the Second Division of the A.I.F. The first landings of the ANZACs had taken place five months previously on April 25 a day we will always remember in Australia as Anzac Day. All the major battles -of Krithia of Lone Pine of Chunuk Bair of The Nek, and of Sulva and Hill 60 had been fought by the time Bill came with the Brigades of the 2nd. Australian Division and there were moreno major battles on the peninsular up to the time the evacuation took place three months later in December. Bills diary begins from the training camp in Egypt a few days before his unit embarked on the ships to Gallipoli and ends on the night of the evacuation from Gallipoli. Bill was promoted from Sergeant to Regimental Sergeant Major and then to Lieutenant on the battlefield at Gallipoli.
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