REGINALD SPROUSE’S WAR DIARY 1942 – 1947. 152 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps 22nd Dragoons 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards

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Reginald Sprouses War Diary Page 5 of 94 Brief History Scanning the Early Years T would perhaps be easier to reflect on my earlier years before going into the army as this would lead up to the later events far more easily. I was born at the Elephant and Castle in South London Southwark area on 29 th August 1923. I was a twin. My other half being a twin sister Irene. We had an older brother 10 years older than us. We attended Rockingham Street School at the Elephant and Castle. As my mother was poorly with what we later understood as cancer my father moved us into the suburbs for abetter atmosphere. In 1930 approx we moved to Streatham Vale Mitcham Surrey. We attended Sherwood Park School and at 11 years of age went to Rowan Road Central School. My mother died of Cancer in 1937 after an off/on illness spanning many years. At 14 I left school and went to work for a Law Printers I trained as a Compositor. At the outset of war my brother was called up and after a short training period was sent to the Middle East in a Searchlight Regiment where he endured the siege of Tobruk. We later moved to a house adjacent to Clapham Common in Clapham South area and endured the Blitz there. Many nights spent in the cellar. Owing to the Blitz and the consequent disruption preventing my father getting to work we moved to Croxley Green near Watford Herts. My sister and I travelled to London everyday to get to and from work. I was an active member of the Boy Scouts and later entered the local Home Guard. My sister joining the Womens Auxiliary Air Force. At 17-and-a-half I received papers for a medical and was passed A1. Finally at the age of 19 I received call-up and joined the army at Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk on Oct. 1 st 1942. I
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