REGINALD SPROUSE’S WAR DIARY 1942 – 1947. 152 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps 22nd Dragoons 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards

Reginald Sprouses War Diary Page 4 of 94 Foreword An introduction to the Diary HIS is one soldiers account of his experiences during World War II. The actual diary is taken from one made at the time on the spot as it were. It was jotted down in a Letts diary which was popular at the time. A day or so elapsed and the daily events were written into a more substantial diary when time was available. The two periods of active service abroad i.e in North-West Europe and Palestine are fairly extensively written up as they occurred whilst the non-action theatres are given to linkup the narrative and keep it flowing. Various pics are shown throughout with references. This is not a tale of gung-ho action ala film style but is mainly a tale of events occurring day-by-day – a tale of boredom frustration repetition and the usual army life there were however a few frightening and tragic experiences thrown in. I trust the reader will find the narrative informative. R. Sprouse L/Cpl. Army No. 14301096152 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps 22 nd Dragoons 4/7 th Royal Dragoon Guards Campaign Medals 1939-45 Star France &Germany Star Defence Medal War Medal General Service Medal (Palestine) T
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