REGINALD SPROUSE’S WAR DIARY 1942 – 1947. 152 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps 22nd Dragoons 4/7th Royal Dragoon Guards

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Reginald Sprouses War Diary Page 23 of 943-1-45 Drill parade was the first thing to greet us. We had a bath at Eindhoven in the afternoon these were civvy public baths. On guard in the evening second shift I lost the toss. 4-1-45 Regimental net at 9.30 a.m. with decoding lectures later in the morning. After this we chopped some more wood for the fire. The local children were having a party in our messroom plenty of grub and sweets etc. In the evening we went to the farm and Nellie settled up with what I had bought for her. 5-1-45 Netting again pretty lousy too. Also encoding and decoding lectures. Maplay Uni and Slidex. Went out to farm with Harry in evening. 6-1-45 Not really a lot soon worked on tank in morning. Stayed in forrest of day and the ruddy lights failed. We had a good supper anyway from supplies on the tank. 7-1-45 Went to A Sqn. for Padres service it being Sunday I felt religious. It started snowing and I also received anew jacket from the stores. The snow was very heavy when we came back from Nellies later in the night. 8-1-45 Sqn parade at 9 a.m. Seem to behaving these fairly frequently nowadays. Netting at 9.30 with coding later. ABCA (a current affairs lecture) at 4p.m. about the Arnhem fiasco. Stayed in and wrote home during the evening. 9-1-45 Regimental net O.K. this time ashe moved in nearer Filled Homelite up and pottered on the tank in the morning. In the afternoon we were on the range firing rifles. I wasnt so hot but it did not worry me overmuch as I was in the Tank Corps. Naafi up again. On guard at 5.30 snowing very heavily about one-and-a-half inches on the ground already. Freezing too. We received the information that we were moving on Sunday. 10-1-45 Drill parade but no drill thank goodness. We had a lecture from the Divisional Education Officer about non-fraternisation with the Germans.He made it pretty interesting. Later we had to move the piano to the café as the Lifeguards band was coming to play during the afternoon. They proved very good and also the music choice was about right. Some highbrow and some lowbrow. After manhandling the piano back we went to tea. As I feel rather tired I shall retire early. 11-1-45 Regimental net as usual. Worked on the tank all day then we ran it to Happert. Free issue today and in the evening went to Nellies.
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