History of the Second World War, Volume 3

Central Pacific June 1942 Captain Donald Macintyre The Battle of Midway must be accounted one of the truly decisive battles of history. In one cataclysmic blow it wiped out the overwhelming Japanese superiority in naval air strength, the vital key to the successful prosecution of a war in the vast spaces of the Pacific. More than half the Japanese carrier strength —with the elite of their highly trained and experienced aircrews —were eliminated: they were to prove irreplaceable. From now onwards the Japanese were on the defensive. The early run of victories which Yamamoto had promised had come to a premature end. Now a period of stalemate was to begin during which American production would rise to its overwhelming flood —which Yamamoto had also foreseen. The Rising Sun had passed its brilliant noon USS Yorktown is struck by a Japanese torpedo JH p Imperial War Museum
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