The Boer War diary of Colour Sgt John Thomas Pegum, 1st Battalion, the South Lancashire Regiment (Prince of Wales Volunteers)

-14- 10th 11th. 12th. 13th July Intrenching hill also running drill as usual 14th. Still intrenching hill 15th. Left Linn's Kop and marched to Klondrail station a distance of four miles. Pitched our camp here and again commenced digging trenches. E Company left us. We are still protecting the railway. 16th. and 17th. Running drill 7.15 a.m. Digging trenches 9.45 to 12.30 and from 2.30 to 4.30 p.m. Outpost duty- three nights in camp with guard duty between also inlying(?) picket duty (troops had not time to wash their underclothing). 18th. went to hospital at Platrand rheumatism 19th. 20th. and 21st. in Platrand Hospital on fresh milk diet. 22nd. was moved down in the Princess Christian hospital train to Newcastle Hospital very good treatment hereon a bottle of beer arrowroot porridge and two eggs per day. Sgt. Shearing in same ward tent with me. Was sent down to east coast 31st. July. Also good treatment here. Left east coast 8th. August for Howick convalescent depot. Went to Concort ?on 9th. August at Howick village (admitted into Howick Hospital on 26th. August 1900. On 10th. September saw a cricket match nursing sisters versus nursing sisters Maritzburg First ladies cricket matches I saw (Dr. O'Dea medical officer in charge of my ward) He belongs to Co. Limerick. Left Howick Hospital 1st. October and embarked hospital ship Nubia at Durban. The ship is splendidly arranged for the sick. Nice beds clean clothing and good diet. Left Durban for England 11th. October. Arrived CapeTown the 14th. October. Very rough weather until we got to the Cape. Left CapeTown at 3.30p.m. 15th. October. Arrived atLas Palmas (Canary Islands) (inhabited with Spaniards) at 7.30 p.m. 30th. October. Left 8.30 a.m. 31st. October. Arrived in Southampton (The diary is now in the possession of his grandson Michael Pegum).
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