JOURNAL BY WALTER BAKER OF HIS FIRST WORLD WAR EXPERIENCE - Regt. 547, 5th Battalion, 10th Irish Division of the Royal Irish Regiment (Signals)

JULY 27 th 1918 -detailed to report to 50 th Divisional Signal School as Instructor. One of 12 instructors with some 400 pupils. NOV 11 th 1918 -news of end of the war. DEC 28 th 1918 –returned to rejoin unit. FEB 24 th 1919 –sent to Dieppe. FEB 28 th 1919 -left Dieppe on the S.S. Duke of Clarence for home arriving at Southampton Water, then Fovant hospital with pneumonia. APRIL 2 nd 1919 -declared fit to be demobbed. APRIL 3 rd 1919 –back home with cash balance of £36.15.6. Wally had been overseas from 5 th July 1915 until 3 rd April 1919.
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