The Roll of Honour, Volume V, De Ruvigny

174 The Roll of Honour L ieu t. 4 th B a ttn . R oy al Sussex R egt. (T .F .) 7 Dec. 1914 ; prom oted L ieut. 1 Ju n e, 1916 ; served w ith th e M editerranean E x p editionary F orce a t Gallipoli from S ept. 1915; proceeded to E g y p t and P alestine, and was killed in actio n n e a r Jerusalem 17 D ec. 1917. B uried n ea r A budis. H is Officer Com­ m anding w rote : “ I feel his loss, n o t only as being a good officer, b u t also a very loy al friend,” and another officer : “ H e was alw ays cheerful in m ess, keen on p arad e , ready to help in everything for th e w elfare of th e m en. . . . E very officer an d m an in the regim ent w ill miss him .” He was aw arded the M.C. [London G azette, 18 F eb. 1918] : “ F o r conspicuous gallantry and devotion to d u ty . Though outflanked and sh o rt of w ater, he held his position w ith th e greatest courage and determ in atio n .” U nm. Y O U N G , W ILLIA M S T E E L E , L ieut., The R oyal Engineers (T .F .), 2nd s. of Colonel A rchibald Y oung, V .D., l/4 th B attn . The R oyal Scots (Q ueen’s E dinburgh Rifles), of M eggetland, E dinburgh, b y his wife, Louisa F raser, dau. of 'William Steele, S .S .C .; and bro th er to L ieut. A rchibald Y oung (q.v.) : b. E dinburgh, 7 J a n . 1893 ; educ. George W a tso n ’s College th ere ; was a m em ber of th e O .T .C .; entered E dinburgh U niversity as a S tu d en t in Engineering ; volunteered for activ e service on th e outbreak of w a r : was gazetted 2nd L ieut. R oyal Engineers 2 Sept. 1914, and Lieut. 1 June, 1917 ; served w ith' th e M editerranean E xpeditionary Force in Gallipoli from Sept. to Dec. 1915 ; took p a rt in th e fighting and th e evacuation a t Suvla B ay ; proceeded thence to E g y p t an d P alestine, and served w ith the E g y p tian E x peditionary F orce from Dec. 1915, u n til he was killed in action a t G aza 2 N ov. 1917. B uried in No. 4 M ilitary Cem etery, Sam pson’s Ridge. A bro th er officer w rote : “ If th e b attalio n was enabled to hang on to these battered trenches thro u g h o u t th a t night, it was m ainly due to W illie's indefatigable per­ severance and fearless exam ple,” and his A d ju ta n t: “ D ow n in th e desert we called him , ‘ T he W ire R oad K ing.’ ” H e w as tw ice recom m ended for gallant and distinguished service in th e field ; unm . R eceiv ed too la te for C la ssifica tio n . Printed at The Chapel River Press, Kingston, Surrey. W H IT E H O U S E , J O H N W A L T E R G L E N D IN N IN G , L ieut,, R oyal E n ­ gineers, a ttd . 16th D ivision ; was b . in 1898 a t Jey p o re, H a jp u ta n a ,. of th e la te Dr. Jo h n W hitehouse ; educ. a t E lth am College for th e In d ia n Civil Service ; in 1915 he took th e A rm y ex am in atio n an d gained an Indian C adetship, w hich he resigned, and la te r the sam e y e a r en tered th e llo y al M ilitary A ca­ dem y, W oolw ich. H e w as gazetted to the R oy al E ngineers on 26 M ay, 1916, and after being s ta tio n e d a t C hatham and C hattenden. w ent to F ran ce in A pril, 1917. F o r three weeks, from 20 S ept., he was in hospital in S t. O m er, suffering- from a septic hand. - On 26 N ov. of th e sam e y ea r lie was prom oted L ieu te n an t, a n d on 21 M arch, 1918— th e first d ay of th e g re a t G erm an offensive— he was killed in action a t S t. Em ilie. H is Com m ander, R oyal E ngineers, w rites : “ . . . Y o u r son h a d been doing splendidly. H is Com pany C om m ander n oticed a p a rty of G erm ans J o h n W alter G . W h iteh o u se . try in g to w ork round th e rig h t flank of his _ position, so he ordered L ieut. W hitehouse to ta k e his section aw ay to th e rig h t and in tercep t them . Y our son started off im m ediately, b u t was h it in th e head by a m achine-gun bullet before he had gone fifty y ard s.............H e w as a brave and g allan t young officer. . . Lieut. W hitehouse is buried in th e cem etery of D oingt, near P ennine.
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