Memorial Register, France 512, WW1, Grevillers British Cemetery, France

GREVILLERS BRITISH CEMETERY CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER Fr. 512. G R EVILLER Sis a village and commune in the Department o f the Pas-de- Calais two miles West of Bapaume and the British Cemetery is on the North side of the road to Bapaume. The nearest railway station is at Biefvillers on the light railway from Achiet to Marcoing. The village was occupied by British troops on the 14th March 1917 and in April and May the 3rd 29th and 3rd Australian Casualty Clearing Stations were posted near it. They began the British Cemetery and continued to use it until March 1918 but on the 25th March Grevillers was captured by the enemy. A German Cemetery was then made on the East side o f the British continuing the existing lay-out. On the following 24th August the New Zealand Division recaptured Grevillcrs and in September the 34th 49th and 56th Casualty Clearing Stations came to the village and resumed the use of the British Cemetery. After the Armistice 200 graves were brought in from the battlefields to the South of the village and 40 from the German Cemetery and the 927 German graves were removed to another cemetery. The cemetery now contains the graves of 1497 sailors soldiers. Marines and airmen from the United Kingdom 413 soldiers and airmen from Australia 153 soldiers from New Zealand 14 from Canada two from India one from South Africa one of the British West Indies Regiment and four whose unit is not known one man of the British Red Cross Society and 18 French civilians. The unnamed graves number 189 and special memorials are erected to 15 soldiers from Australia and three from the United Kingdom known or believed to be buried among them. Other special memorials record the names of two soldiers from the United Kingdom buried in Avesnes-les-Bapaume German Cemetery whose graves could not be found. Certain graves in the cemetery identified as groups but not individually arc marked by headstones bearing the additional words :“Buried near this spot.” The cemetery covers an area of 7163 square yards. It is enclosed partly by a brick wall and partly by a thorn hedge and it is planted with red horse-chestnuts and crab-apple trees. It stands among cornfields in a shallow valley. The New Zealand Memorial in the cemetery will form the subject of a separate Register. The Register records particulars of 2088 War Graves.
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