Memorial Register, France 340-341, WW1, Busigny Communal Cemetery, France

The Extension covers an area of 3452 square yards. It is enclosed by a low redbrick wall on three sides and on the fourth by the high redbrick wall of the Communal Cemetery. It is planted with holm-oaks a white horse-chestnut, and flowering shrubs and two of the orchard trees originally planted on the site are preserved. The following cemeteries were concentrated into it:— ANDIGNY-LES-FERM ES BRITISH CEMETERY VAUX-ANDIGNY, on the North side of the hamlet of Andigny-les-Fermes. This place was taken by die 46th (North Midland) Division and the 1st Loyal North Lancashire Regiment on the 17th October 1918 and the cemetery contained the graves of 16 soldiers of the latter unit. BUSIGNY CHURCHYARD from which the grave of one soldier from the United Kingdom was removed in 1927 (after the plan on page 8 was engraved) to VIII. B. 56. MARETZ BRITISH CEMETERY at the South-Western end of the village of Maretz made by the ist/8th Worcesters on the nth October 1918 and containing the graves of 16 soldiers from the United Kingdom. MOLAIN CHURCHYARD which contained the graves of three soldiers from the United Kingdom who fell in October and November 1918. RIQUERVAL BRITISH CEMETERY BOHAIN-EN-VERMANDOIS, in Riquerval Wood close to the Bohain—Regnicourt road. This cemetery contained the graves of 35 soldiers from the United Kingdom (almost all of the 46th Division) who fell on the 17th October 1918. The Registers record particulars of 21 War Graves in the Communal Cemetery and 713 in the Extension.
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