WWI Military Service Of John Lockhart Reg No’s: R38377 & 4276 Royal Scots Greys

On 30 September 1904 after a review by the 5th Reserve Cavalry Regiment a Court Martial inquiry into injuries received by Private John Lockhart in 1896 at the riding school in Aldershot awarded him with disability pension and a service pension. He was discharged 16 March 1908 after 12 years of service and the end of his engagement. He received the Queens SA medal clasps transcribed ‘Transvaal Orange Free State Cape Colony and also received the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. Here-enlisted on 3 June 1908 age 30 with a request to serve as an officers groom or as a driver either in the Calvary or any other arm of the service. As his term of engagement was due to end in June 1912 he re-engaged as a shoeing smith with the 2 nd Dragoons, 1 st class army reserves number 4276 Cavalry on 15 May 1912 for 4 years. He was transferred from the Remounts A.S.C. Calvary Depot in Dunbar on 9 th August 1914 to Remounts York where he proceeded to France on 20 August 1914 with No. 1 Section A. He returned early in September to 5 th Calvary Reserve Depot York and was promoted to Provisional Far Sergeant on 1 September 1914. (Cant find reference to Far Sergeant –it may refer to a Farrier who is a specialist in equine foot care.) In June 1915 he was transferred to Remounts A.S.C. In June 1916 he served with 2 nd Dragoon Guards the Royal Scots Greys R38377 (4276). On 2 June 1917 he continued in service under Military Service Act 1916 and is recorded as John Lockhart Far Sergeant no. R38377 56 th Remounts Squadron A.S.C. York. However this is an error and he was actually with 2 nd Dragoon Guards Royal Scots Greys. He was discharged 22 October 1918 no longer physically fit for war service having served for 22 years. Sources: ?Army Form W3458 Regimental Paymaster ?Army Service Record ?Attestation Papers ?Court Martial Sheet ?Form A46 Pensions Claim ?Letter of Discharge ?Military History Sheet? Re-engagement Paper ?Regimental Conduct Sheet ?Regimental Defaulter Sheet ?Squadron Troop Battery and Company Defaulter Book ?Statement of Services
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