WWI Military Service Of Robert McRae Lockhart Regimental Number 134162 Royal Engineers

Military abbreviations? Bde Brigade ?Capt Captain ?CO Commanding Officer ?Coy ?Company Coys ?Companies CRE Commander Royal Engineers? Divn Division ?EA Enemy Aircraft? GOC General Officer Commanding? HQ Headquarters? IB Infantry Brigade ?LIEUT Lieutenant? M.G.C. Machine Gun Corps ?MG Machine Gun ?OR Other Ranks ?RE Royal Engineers? s/Lieut Second Lieutenant LIERAMONT March 1 Company moved byroad to Lieramont. Work on dugouts at W300.0.0 W21C1N continued. March 2-19 Work on dugouts at W300.0.0 March 4: Company bathed March 5: New dugout commenced for M.G.C. at W23 b1.5 March 11: Coy bathed March 17: Excavation of M.G.C. dugout at W23 completed. Total length 164-9” March 18: Company bathed March 19: Extension of Bde HQ dugout for his artillery commenced at W21 C1.4 WAR IN THE TRENCHES One of the most recalled characteristic of World War I is the stalemate of trench warfare both underground and surface dugouts. They were a labyrinth of pathways and had to be named to navigate through them. Trenches were used as communication systems. Each wall was supported by timber planks corrugated andiron sandbags. NCOs demanded that cleanliness and hygiene regulations were observed. Refuse was buried at night or putin sandbags.
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