WWI War Diary of SGT Frederick. T. Hope. Royal Artillery Territorial Force (Royal Garrison Artillery) 212th Siege Battery.

2 April 26 th Gas attack. April 27 th Shelled out. Moved guns to new position. May 4 th Lieutenant Faunch killed. May 7 th Gas attack all night. May 8 th Pemberth and Robertson wounded. May 13 th Heavily shelled. Andrew Chandler Rymer and McIllworth killed in cellar. May 16 th &17 th Very quiet May 19 th Very severely shelled. Bombardier Wiltshire killed also Lobby and four others wounded. Myself blown through passage but unhurt. Same day put barbed wire round guns. Limber blew up. No. 3 and 4 guns putout of action. May 21 st Went to Aix Noulette for 7 day rest. June 7 th (birthday) Heavily shelled. Bombardier Downey Gunner Charge Entwistle Whittaker, Hopkins and Johnson killed. Cook Par and Pallyman wounded. Several others shook up and slightly shell shocked. June 8 th Started Bombardment. Battery fired 1792 rounds in one day. No 4 fired 592. Very short of men. Two men and one Bombardier on my gun. June 9 th Very quiet. Right half shelled out twice. June 29 th Gas attack all night. June 30 th More gas. On guns. Masks. July 1 st– 6 th Gas every night.
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