WWII Letters and Cards sent home from Malta. by Wilfred Padley CMG. OBE Royal Navy. (Representive of the Government of Malta in Egypt fo Co-ordination of Supplies)

SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE 2 JUNE 19432437 To be Additional Commanders of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order:— Vivian Buchanan Atkinson Esq. Chief Engi-neer Kenya and Uganda Railways and Har- bours Administration. Robert Annesley Godwin-Austen Esq. Colonial Survey Service Director of Land Registration and Surveys Cyprus. Algernon Bragg Esq.' Colonial Audit Service Auditor Kenya. Herbert John Lowe Esq. M.R.C.V.S. Colonial Veterinary Service Director of Veterinary Services Tanganyika Territory. Theophilus Albert Marryshow Esq. For public services in Grenada Windward Islands. Captain Clinton Austin Reed O.B.E. V.D. Comptroller of Customs Barbados. Alexander Stewart Richardson Esq. Colonial Agricultural Service Director of Agriculture Nyasaland Protectorate. Togbi Sri II O.B.E. The Awame Fia of Awuna Gold Coast. To bean Honorary Commander of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order:— Francis Khayat Esq. Puisne Judge Supreme Court Palestine. To be Additional Officers of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order:— William Allan Esq. Colonial Agricultural Ser-vice Assistant Director of Agriculture Northern Rhodesia. Norman Frederick Stewart Andrews Esq. Colonial Administrative Service Assistant Chief Secretary Northern Rhodesia. Ralph Henry Bassett Esq. Colonial Adminis-trative Service Officer of Class II Ceylon Civil Service. Lieutenant-Colonel Anthony Lawrence Bartolo Director of Manpower Malta. Roger Calleja Esq. M.D. Colonial Medical Service Senior Medical Officer Nyasaland Protectorate. Edward Baglietto Cottrell Esq. For public services in Gibraltar. Captain Eric Reginald Davis. For public ser-vices in Kenya. Stanley Tristram Dunstan Esq. Vice-Principal The Prince of Wales's College Achimota Gold Coast. Edwin Baron Garnett Esq. Colonial Postal Service Divisional Engineer Posts and Telegraphs Department Palestine. Ernest Villiers Hunter Esq. L.M.S. For mis-sionary medical work in the Uganda Protectorate. Alexander McDonald Bruce Hutt Esq. Colonial Administrative Service District Officer Tanganyika Territory. Arthur Oswald Jenkins Esq. Colonial Admin-istrative Service Deputy Provincial Commis-sioner Uganda Protectorate. John Roger Kynaston Esq. For public services in Aden. Kenneth Gordon Lindsay Esq. Colonial Ad-ministrative Service District Officer Kenya. Donald McBride Esq. lately Ministry of War Transport Representative in Trinidad. Captain Reginald Morison Millar M.B.E. Superintendent of Nassau Prison Bahama's. Philip Edward Noel Mortimer Esq. For public services in Jamaica. Thomas Arthur Manly Nash Esq. Entomolo-gist Medical Department Nigeria. Wilfred Padley Esq. Representative of the Government of Malta in Egypt for the Co-ordination of Supplies. Sabapathipillai Rajanayagam Esq. Superin-tending Telecommunications Engineer De-partment of Posts and Telegraphs Ceylon. Donald Sturdy Esq. Colonial Agricultural Service Senior Agricultural Officer Tangan-yika Territory. David Arnold Thompson Esq. For public ser-vices in the Gold Coast. Rachel Mrs. Trim Deputy Director of Woman Power Kenya. Robert Orchard Williams Esq. Colonial Agri-cultural Service Deputy Director of Agricul-ture Trinidad. Eustace George Woolford Esq. For public ser-vices in British Guiana. The Reverend Canon Ruthven Alexanderson Wright Colonial Chaplain. For social wel-fare work in Nigeria. To bean Honorary Officer of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order:— Omar Effendi al Bitar Chairman of the Municipal Commission of Jaffa Palestine. To be Additional Members of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order:— Roderick Macrae Antill Esq. M.C. Senior Agricultural Assistant Nyasaland Protec-torate. Marie Margaret Mrs. Bayley. For social wel-fare work in British Guiana. Joseph Waugh Bulman Esq. Superintendent Cyprus Railway. William Thomas Chappell Esq. District Loco-motive Superintendent Kenya and Uganda Railways and Harbours Administration. Terence Bertrand Comissiong Esq. Colonial Treasurer Grenada Windward Islands. Silvio Dandria Esq. Assistant Secretary to the Government of Malta. Andrew Mervyn Dibble Esq. Assistant Engineer Public Works Department Northern Rhodesia. Frederick Ibikunie George Esq. For social welfare services in Nigeria. Joseph Etienne Houareau Esq. Chief Clerk Chief Dispenser and Anaesthetist Medical Department Seychelles. Royston Edmund de Silva Jayasundere Esq. Proctor Supreme Court and Notary Public Ceylon. Reginald Thomas Ledger Esq. Superintendent British Resident's Office Trans-Jordan. Charles William Lynn Esq. Colonial Agricul-tural Service Senior Agricultural Super-intendent Gold Coast. Milton Augustus Strieby Margai Esq. M.B. B.S. Medical Officer Sierra Leone. The Venerable Archdeacon Ezra Douglas Martinson. For services to education in the Gold Coast. Miss Selene Millstein Clerical Officer District Commissioner's Office Haifa Palestine. Captain David Milne M.C. Senior Superinten-dent of Prisons Tanganyika Territory. David Loftus Morgan Esq. Colonial Admin-istrative Service District Officer Kenya. Robert James Stewart Orwin Esq. Colonial Audit Service Senior Assistant Auditor Nigeria. Richard Hercules Wingfield Pakenham Esq. Colonial Administrative Service District Commissioner Zanzibar Protectorate.
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