WWII Letters and Cards sent home from Malta. by Wilfred Padley CMG. OBE Royal Navy. (Representive of the Government of Malta in Egypt fo Co-ordination of Supplies)

Wilfred Padlev CMG. QBE 22n d Februrarv 1910- 23r d November 1968 Royal Navy 1932-40 Officer for Co-ordination of Supplies Malta 1941-42 2n d June 1943-45: Representative of the Government of Malta in Egypt for the Co-ordination of Supplies 8t h June 1948 -Acting Assistant Financial Secretary for Kenya 7t h September 1948 -Acting Deputy Financial Secretary Kenya 24t h July 1950 -Appointed Secretary to the Treasury Kenya 1s t May 1951-Acting Financial Secretary Kenya 31s t May 1956 -Minister of Finance Uganda Educated at Keighley Grammar School Royal College of Science (ARCS BSc)
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