Walts War - WWII Life and Times in the Machine Gun Corp & 9th Armoured Brigade

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Family© of Walt Vowles 67 All this time I was busy writing home to Josie who was getting a bit concerned because she hadnt seen me for so long. So I managed to get home for a week-end which was when we fixed up a date for our wedding. I got back from my leave and after awhile I was sent for. They told tome get all my stuff packed up because I had togo home. They told me my father wasnt expected to live and I was togo home straightaway. Well when I got home dad started to perk up and after a couple of weeks he was getting much better. The time came for me togo back so I went up to seethe doctor who said that I shouldnt go back just yet. He said I should leave it for a week or two so he gave me a note to send to the authorities. This meant that I was home until just before Christmas. Our wedding day came December 15 th and it was wonderful. We were married in Trowbridge Parish Church St James, and her father gave us a nice do. We didnt go off on honeymoon until Sunday when we went down to Gravesend to stay with relatives. Well it was time for me togo back I then had to miss Christmas with my family again. But when I got back they said that they hadnt expected to see me until after Christmas. So they said I could go home for New Year which meant I did quite well out of it. I was then demobed on April 12 th 1946 and I went back to the printing trade that I had left those years before. The children followed first Peter then Angela and then Sue and we were one happy little family.
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