Walts War - WWII Life and Times in the Machine Gun Corp & 9th Armoured Brigade

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Family© of Walt Vowles 4 Chapter 1 HOW IT ALL BEGAN It all began in early February 1939 and I can honestly say it changed my life. I was eighteen and a half at the time and in the printing trade. Then sometime during the beginning of February there was talk of all of us chaps joining the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry a territorial unit. They had put a large notice in the Wiltshire Times so we decided we would give it a try. The notice said we should apply at ten oclock on the Sunday morning. So off we went. There were a lot of my mates as well. We got up to the drill hall in Bythesea Road and there was quite a crowd there already. It didnt take long top reach the front of the line. After a quick chat with the chap behind the desk I put my signature on the line. And suddenly found myself a territorial soldier in the Machine Gun Troop in HQ Squadron. After signing on we were told to report back to the drill hall on the Monday evening. On arriving we were told to report to the doctor for a medical on the following Sunday afternoon. This was at Doctor Bonds surgery at the top of Castle Street. Well this was the quickest medical Ive ever experienced I can tell you. He just listened to my heart a quick squeeze and a cough “can you read that on the wall?” “Yes!” “Well youll do” and off we went. Thus started my life in the Army. Now the printing trade became secondary as far as I was concerned. Every Monday evening we went to drill practice. This went on for a few weeks when until one evening we upturned and they mentioned ongoing a fortnights camp at Corfe Castle in Dorset. This was to bethe last week in May and the first week in June. So the due date came and off we went. Well once again Id never experienced anything like this before. When we got to the camp with all the tents we found
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